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vision without boundary Link virtual reality

Professional VR Innovative Interaction Solution Provider

vision without boundary Link virtual reality

Professional VR Innovative Interaction Solution Provider


  VRTRIX provides end-to-end virtual reality solutions for entertainment, education and industrial training. We are committed to developing cutting-edge VR technologies and applying on different aspects of industry applications. Our mission is to break the barrier between virtual and reality thus we focus on making interaction in virtual reality more intuitive and accurate. We believe our innovative technologies will provide remarkable immersive experience and revolutionize human-machine interaction in many industries, just like the meaning of our company name in Chinese, virtual reality makes the vision boundless.

  • VRTRIX™Digital Gloves

    Bring the most intuitive interaction tovirtual reality, capture every subtle motion of your hand in real time.

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  • VRTRIX™Sword and Shield

    Grab your sword, hold your shield andyou will be the invincible commander in the virtual world! VIEW MORE

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  • VRTRIX™VR Extinguisher

    Designed for K-12 safety training and education. Simulate real fire scenarios with virtual reality to help broaden student knowledge on the recognition, prevention of fire and the correct operation of extinguisher.

  • INDOOR COMPASS Tracking System

    Integrated with multi-IMU sensors and Lighthouse based infrared laser tracking solution, INDOOR COMPASS tracking & motion capture system is able to achieve warehouse-scale, multi-nodes, multi-objects accurate real-time tracking with affordable price.


VRTRIX was founded in 2016, we are building a dedicated team of visionary engineers and broadcast professionals. Current members hail from University of Southern California, Oracle, Amazon etc. We are united for one goal - to break the barrier between virtual & reality through intuitive interaction and put realism back into the virtual reality experience.

  • 刘昊 创始人 CEO
  • 郭颜京天 联合创始人 CTO
  • 程凡宇 联合创始人 Head of Engineering
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