They're making very sophisticated weapons.

Gretchen doesn't speak any French.

Jon leaped to his feet.

Eugene is a quadriplegic.


I like English, but I cannot speak well.

He doesn't run.

Do I need one?


I know for sure that Nguyen moved to Boston a year ago.

If people never fell in love or got their hearts broken when love fails, what would lyricists write their songs about?

We're avid RVers.

Iron is a metal with many uses.

The door suddenly opening, she sprang to her feet.


You did not want to answer my questions.

I carefully took down everything that my teacher said.

You don't need alcohol to be happy.

Be sure to invite him, or he'll feel left out.

I wish I hadn't married Kaj.


This problem, however, should be considered more carefully.

He fell victim to typhoid fever.

It took courage to do what Elvis did.

A part of our own military has become involved with the enemy.

You can't let her win.

Are you expecting somebody?

Anyhow, lunch ... is where I wanted to go but I decided to go to the toilet first.


I'm not feeling well lately.

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Siping was attacked by a grizzly bear.

Is Isidore going to be here?

Why hasn't Moe already done that?

This is true partly because non-Westerners have begun to take pride in their own cultures and partly because those areas of the world where forks are not used have some of the highest birth rates.

"Let me get you a cup of coffee." "I'd appreciate that."

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Jurevis joined a book club.


Matti is reading a book about the history of Australia.

Loyd started to get a little angry.

It is about a higher organism.

Bilbao is a city in the Basque Country

My friends are very loyal.

This is my dick.

I grew up around here.

Do you think I should stop Les?

Just behave yourself.


Seth owes Dion a lot.

Varda wasn't surprised by the news.

I don't know how to play tennis.


Our factory is building a new chimney.

I like my brandy straight.

A good cook doesn't throw out yesterday's soup.

Chaplin was visionary.

She's married to a dentist.

Gail started learning French when he was thirteen years old.

You don't have to thank me.


Kevan wanted Teri to buy John a birthday present.

The battle quickly became a blind struggle.

People as a whole don't do things like that.

Do you like to be alone?

He's married.

No can't have done all this by himself.

Let's use it while we can.

Novo will never be able to keep up with us.

What did that accomplish?

On that day we want to spend a pleasant evening with some friends.

The pain was agonizing.


Get out of the classroom.

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I hate coffee.

Anthony seems to be looking for trouble.

Why is it that many language courses are ineffective?

Life is like a journey.

I'd like you to meet my wife.

That man looks familiar.

The sooner, the better.

The gods have decreed that man is mortal.

We should always be fully prepared for an earthquake.

She knew the story already.

I don't think Kristian is available.

Ritchey swung the bat and hit a home run.

There is an urgent need for more doctors.

In the zoological gardens of Mars, there are animals from Earth.

Barrio is on board.

Japan relies on Arab countries for oil.

Everything made Bertrand laugh.


I guess we could do that.

I'm sorry about last night.

Jeffrey won't admit it.

I don't think Raj liked your song very much.

Time has come to get serious.


This is the most exciting book that I have ever read.

In order to complete the development on schedule, we request that other unrelated tasks be delayed for the moment.

Did you show her your pictures?

Chris does not appreciate how Beth lost the watch he lent her.

Maurice is standing close to Lenora in that picture.


Huey felt good after a dose of retail therapy.

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Rex is a dummy.


Allen put on his coat and left the house.


Maybe we can do something to help.

How much did you eat?

I'd like to do a feasibility check.

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There may be a way.

There points can be brought under the same heading.

We must learn to live in peace with each other and with the environment.

We really need a man like you here.

Representatives made a major breakthrough in the trade talks.


What's your favorite song to workout to?

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Get a move on!

Make sure you tell her.

That's the last time I'm taking you home.

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Does Blake like tomatoes?


You're the one who gathered the information.


I just need you to trust me, OK?


Tatoeba is great.


There's plenty of blame to go around.


Is that scientifically proven?

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I need a rest after so many completely full days.

Will anyone be fired?

It will break.

I think I should've helped them.

His witness is approximate to the truth.

He showed me his stamp collection.

I'm related to you.

Kronum is a new team sport invented in 2008.

A sapper makes only one mistake.


The baby looked just like her mother.

My friends dropped by to see me the other day.

Cory is just modest.

I need to talk to you right now.

It is bad for people not to have aspirations.

I haven't read the comments yet.

I had intended to attend the meeting.


Why does everybody say that?

It is certain that he is in Hawaii now.

Let's not get carried away here.

Kyle could be better.

I'll sit with him.

Believe me, I don't know the answer to this question, but I'm thinking.

You're a life saver.

We need to fix this problem right away.

My dad sometimes goes to Australia for business.

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As funny as the whole concept of a knuckle sandwich is, I wouldn't ever want to be on the receiving end.

Gerald would never have approved.

If parents are fools, children will become thieves.

They loved to spend all day playing together.

Somehow I doubt it.


What do you know about Tatoeba?

Would you explain this to me?

I'm mad at myself for following Derek's stupid advice.

I want to know who's staying with us.

Why do you think they like it?

Dori asked Teruyuki to open the window, but she wouldn't.

That was a cheap shot.


How long was I in there?

Vladislav is running the risk of getting himself in trouble.

Fathers in cities spend eight hours in the office and another two hours traveling to and from their work on trains full of people every morning and evening.


How much time do we have before the movie starts?

I've got a friend at the IRS.

Not again!

The airplane flew very low.

You needn't have helped him with his work.


I sprinted away from the camp.

They admired the lovely scenery.

Joseph deserves the salary we pay him.

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We'll just have to wait and see.

Your name sounds familiar to me.

It is nice to see you again.

Shahid has been awfully distant lately.

I feel lethargic.