Business will recover soon.

He was ill for a week.

I'll live in the city.

Is that a big deal?


Perhaps we'll meet again.

Then he told Jackson to get started.

Has something happened I should know about?


Can you tell me where the nearest bus stop is?

I still feel that way.

I was sitting while smoking a pipe.

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The ceiling over my head shook.


No one is better at this than me.

All in all, the novel was a success.

They elected her president.


I can't remember why I did that.

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The sound of a kiss is not so loud as that of a cannon, but its echo lasts a deal longer.


Don't drop it.


Are you going to warn him?


They lost it.

I'd like to take Seenu up on his offer.

Amigo bought a so-called "magical stone".

The sausage sat long on the grill, and got burned.

You're cute.

Do you believe in guiding stars?

We need to stop.

Where do I go after I pick up my baggage?

I woke up at five.


Rajesh has a choice to make.

Tor, my friend, I know that you loved me, but I could not be yours.

What exactly happened here?

She got on a bus for Harajuku.

I know absolutely nothing about university, so ask someone else.


You've lost some blood.

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Because there's pollution in the cities.


From now on, we'll have to spend less money.

Everything stayed the same.

Let's wait until it stops raining.

They need a cab.

How much did you bid?

It isn't easy to teach little kids.

Nguyen plays the violin very well.

Could you send it by email?

Farouk didn't help Daniel as much as he should have.

Hurry up, and you can catch the train.

She's better at it than I am.

All you have to do is sit here and watch.

The police arrested Beverly this afternoon.

This is not as easy as you might think.

Do you need some water?

Sometimes I wonder when the first world championship in cyberbullying will take place.

It was a tragedy.

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Dan had to cover Linda's funeral costs.

My mother made me a sweater.

The show's Tuesday.


I like your body.

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It's become very easy.

Of all the languages I've studied, French was the most difficult.

Chuck turned on a lamp.

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She remembers you.

In our wide world, there exist countless lifestyles, languages and cultures.

Between you and me, he cannot be relied upon.

I like potato salad.

Let me know when you will arrive at the airport.

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I'm not a violent person.

How're they doing that?

That's probably a bad idea.


Thus, he lost all the money.

That is insane.

There is no "masculine" way of learning.

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They've been here before.

I'd like to volunteer to go with Dori.

I do not want to talk about it anymore.

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Pitawas met Amos.

What color is the notebook you're looking for?

Vern kissed you, didn't he?

Hurf wasn't fooled for a second.

He's my best friend.

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I love your jacket.


The report turned out to be false.


The sun shined, and the sand of the desert seemed warm.

The cat has pursued the mouse.

Courtney swims every day.


I gave my weapons away.

Should we make the suggested changes?

Slight inattention can cause a great disaster.

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Hopefully, that's not the case.

I don't know how the rest of it goes anymore.

He looks tired this evening.

He plays bagpipes and wears a kilt.

I just told her the truth.

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This is a public school.

Many fear that cuts in the defense budget will undermine the military's effectiveness.

So what do I do?


He was always wrapped by a mysterious air.

The Anglo-Saxons overran the Celts.

You said that it would happen.

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We talked about that on the way home.

I didn't say I wasn't going.

I am squeezing an orange.

I did not intend to say that.

The rights of the individual are important in a free society.

I may need more help than Roxie is willing to give.

What a big number!


I prefer to sit down.

You're strong.

Cinderella is far fairer than her sisters.

What does the sign over the door say?

Koalas are cute.

These bodies have actually played indispensable roles in attaining these goals.

What did you do this summer?

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There's something you need to do.


I can't imagine why not.

Safety is what matters most.

Can I ride with you sometime?


Curtis is in charge of overseeing the entire project.

Let's find out.

My father never came back home before 9 or 10.

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I am familiar with the way he asks questions.

I wouldn't take a glass of water in the desert from you.

Not everyone was convinced.


I think maybe you've got the wrong address.

In periods of drought, farmers have to hand-feed their stock.

The trouble with the world isn't that people know too little, but they know so many things that ain't so.

The car is red.

Klaus is just going through a phase.

No one's shooting at us now.

No insulted Ilya and her husband.

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Something tells me I should say no.

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The disabled considered her their best advocate.

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That's why I was absent.

Call someone who speaks Japanese, please.

It is too late for me.


She brought me a letter to translate.


How much do you want?

This is a hearing, not a trial.

Julianto never told Olof where he hid the diamonds.

Tell them we're coming.

God is everywhere.

I thought we were going out tonight.

The old man stroked his beard thoughtfully.

I know what is in the box.

Regardless of age, everybody can apply for it.

I'm from the government.

We are all going to hell.

Just look at you, unable to do such a simple thing.

Let's grab a bite to eat.

That college student is studying engineering.

He's coming back from America a week from today.


Ups and downs must be expected; but even in the face of catastrophic loss and sorrow, I like to think that at bottom I can't not be all right: I read the lines as they were written.


How did you train your dog to come when you call him?


It's hard to say no to them.

I have to memorize these hunded English vocabulary words by tomorrow, but I wonder if there's any possible way.

It's a regular madhouse here.


What time was it when you last saw Tuna?

How do you spell that?

Germany is Europe's largest and most prosperous economy.