I already feel relaxed.

I'm too happy!

It seems like summer is finally here.


We could write him a letter.


Her whole house is filled with tchotchkes and old photographs.


For a language to be universal, it is not enough to call it that.

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Let's settle this issue without a mediator.

On further examination of the report, it was clear that the devil was in the detail.

They are looking for chairs to sit on.

Naim seems careless.

Ro told Ole that he thought John would be late.

There is a photo of Lindsay on Leonard's desk.

The wise one knows what he says; the foolish one says what he knows.

I feel the same.

Do you think Vadim is unfair?

I would like a less expensive double room.

You can't do anything.


I want to get out of this town.

She came near being run over.

I'm going to go to the doctor this afternoon.

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Let's party forever.

I think it's not a good idea.

Gregory has been shot twice.

I want to thank her.

Don't be afraid of seeing the doctor.

Stop trying to be nice.

Aren't you the doorman?

We looked out the window, but we didn't see anything.

Wendi is in remission.

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I felt the house shake a little. Didn't you?


There was a big gold star on the door.

It doesn't bother me if you take that book.

Naoto and Paula don't seem to be happy to see each other.

The problem is not this.

He put away his cellphone when he was in town.

In the parent's mind, a child grows but does not age.

Masanobu smiled hello.

He goes to China in May.

The report is utterly false.

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The dust rose in clouds.

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The eyes of the skull suddenly began to glimmer and to glow like red coals, and wherever the three turned or ran the eyes followed them, growing larger and brighter till they flamed like two furnaces, and hotter and hotter till the merchant's wife and her two wicked daughters took fire and were burned to ashes. Only Vasilissa the Beautiful was not touched.

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We're obsessed.

We didn't take anything home.

Is this the car Hein told us about?

I just wanted to talk to him.

I'm here with my family.

You shouldn't say those things near children.

As the demand increases, prices go up.

Do you really want to do that?

Shel made it happen.


I make it a practice to help my brother with his homework after supper.

God works in mysterious ways.

Do you smell something strange?


I'm using an expensive watch.


Jelske said he wouldn't help, but Dominick said she would.

He has lost the watch given by his father.

You should do that right now.

Is Gabriel going to be all right?

I'd like to visit London.

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Did you want this?

He was rather drunk, which made a bad impression on the policeman.

He was a perfect gentleman.

Obviously, there was a problem of some sort.

I want your money.

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He is said to be a good doctor.

King knew he needed to leave town.

I'll hold your bag while you put on your coat.

Have you lost your tongue? Why can't you answer a simple question?

She played a sonata.

Dimetry must be having a good time.

I don't think we can trust the polls to tell us what the general populace thinks about the candidates.

I'm not complaining, and until now no one else has complained either, even if the the work conditions are truly deplorable.

Please step inside.

The boy was watching the sheep.

Why do you need so many shoes?

China is now the world's second largest economy.

I'm just a hindrance.

I will never smoke.

I beg you.


He went blind in the accident.

Who wants to go shopping?

He did everything in adherence to the same mold.

I believe you all know us.

Hohn visited Stan.

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You may not be ready now, but you will be, in time.

Lars went out of his way to give you a hand.

Who's your favorite James Bond?

I've known Kazuhiro longer than I've known you.

His Majesty is waiting.

Driving a truck isn't easy.

Eduardo doesn't have to be back until tomorrow.

Even angels can't satisfy everyone.

He bought a new car, but he didn't tell anyone about that.

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He spun her around, took her in his arms, dipped her back, and gave her a big Hollywood kiss.

Hey, how're you doing?

Sometimes the best pork comes from a bad pig.

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With all her faults, I still like her.

Who is the author?

Since when have you been in a relationship?

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What colour is the car which she bought for herself?


We're fearless.

Why don't you like me?

He is to start tomorrow.

I don't think you can eat that.

Ranjit is my responsibility.

Some people feel that hitchhiking is dangerous.

I thought you were my best friend.

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She wrote him a long letter, but she didn't mail it.


Stay away from Tigger.

Is that all you brought?

"It's pool-season from this week, isn't it?" "Oh yes. I've gotta go and buy a swimming suit, then."

Dannie is pushing the envelope.

It's a dangerous world.

First cousins have one set of grandparents in common.

Dennis says Steve is lying.


The girls weaved the flowers into wreaths.

She's a poor student.

What do you like about them?

I had a crush on her.

It still means something.

My great aunt was a staunch teetotaler.

That's my final offer.

I'm waiting to hear from them.

How are you getting along in your new job?

When I was playing video games in the living room, my mom asked me if I would go shopping with her.

He disguised himself as a woman.

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Please send bug reports to the following email address.

Give peace a chance!

My box is twice as heavy as yours.


X marks the spot.

Have you told June about your back pain?

Is this a budget problem?


You've been forewarned.

It can be dangerous for young people to ride motorcycles.

Why are you building a wall here?

We're not really sure.

Danger is dangerous.


Everyone more or less likes showing off in public.

A strong cup of coffee helps me wake up.

His advice encouraged me to try it again.

I can't take it for long.

How long do you need to learn German?

You called the wrong number.

I finished the job yesterday.

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He put a Closed sign on the front door of the store.

Let's let her try that again.

He is excellent in finding faults.

We haven't been formally introduced.

I'm not going to let you go back to Boston.

They are hungry.

You should seriously consider finding a new job.

There's no place to run.

Food processors tend to be shorter and wider than blenders.


Robbin said he'd walk Felix home.


I think you owe her an explanation.


I don't want to spend my whole life here.

I'll lend you one if you like.

Many Americans wanted a gold standard.

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Lewis couldn't remember where he'd put his umbrella.

Sylvan wanted me to give you this.

We've got to fight fire with fire!

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In one single square kilometre of Borneo woodland have been found as many species of trees as exist in all of North America.

When Jean-Christophe saw him, a look of surprise spread across her face.

I help Taninna almost every day.