Project Justification

I want to buy a 3d printer, but I can’t justify the cost as I have no real need for one. So I’m starting a project that will use one, the catch is it will take me way too long to get it to the stage that will require the printer.

So the actual project will be named “Light o’clock”. I have a couple of requirements some may or may not be possible. This is essentially creating an alarm clock that will help start the day with a more natural waking process, also winter is coming !

An IR sensor to turn the heating unit in the bedroom on and off.

A touch screen that can be used to configure the clock, heat level and snooze the light

Super bright LEDs that will cover slowly fade in and light the room like a sunrise.

Speaker to slowly Introduce nature sounds

And once all of that is configured and running I can finally justify a 3d printer to make a housing for the project.

So watch this space I’ll be making posts as I make each module.