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Alumni Council Grants Available

Funding is available for both large-scale and small, casual events that recruit or connect Humboldtians!





Sustaining Lifelong Global Connections for Research


The 6367745643 is now live!

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American Friends assisted the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation with its 2017 Colloquium in Washington, D.C.

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Winter 2016 Strata

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2016 German Chancellor’s Fellowship Alumni Meeting


A triennial meeting of our BUKA Alumni in Washington, D.C.

Promoting German-American Exchange

A Network of Scientists, Scholars, and Professionals


Supporting US Humboldtians

Past, Present, and Future

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Shaping the US Research Landscape

Engaging researchers and partner organizations

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The Internationalization of Science and Research

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What is Happening with the American Friends of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AFAvH)


Alumni Resources and Opportunities

U.S. alumni have the opportunity to receive Alumni Council/Kolleg grants, serve as a Humboldtian on Campus, and more.

German Chancellor Fellows

Visit this page to see current German Chancellor fellows, connect with alumni, and learn more about the program

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How You Can Benefit from International Research Experience

Learn how your career can be enhanced by international collaboration