I was told that we have until 2:30.

Sony is a household name all over the world.

My father set the alarm for six o'clock.

Let's get busy.

The leaves blew away in the wind.

Allan never really wanted to study French.

How long will you stay in Hakone?

I used to come here with my friends.

Leads is upstairs in bed.

Do you believe what he said?

Jon is far more attractive than Mayo.

I was amazed at his abrupt resignation.

Tai drives to work every day.

He's a nigger.

I think we ought to change our policy.

There is an urgent need for teachers with science backgrounds.

I'll do the talking.

2016 is coming to an end and a new year is about to begin!

He never laughs.

Annard will pay for it one day.

The man was given a life sentence.

I hope that, with these examples, you can understand better.

I'm here if you need me.

Such a wonderful music!

She is very sensitive to criticism.

I'm sorry, I can't.

Miniskirts have been out of date for some time.


Dwight got fired from his job.

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Miriam needs to wake up.

Of the two girls, she is the younger.

The decision whether I should see her is mine alone.

I am wetting my handkerchief.

Careful as he was, he made an unexpected mistake.


I'll stay with Pravin until you return.

Al and Nathan jumped on the trampoline.

I placed the medicine out of the children's reach.

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I have to ask them first.

Unfortunately, it's not a photomontage!

She hit me, not him.

What do you think you'll do with your life?

He was born in the eighties.

It's nothing personal, James.

Those looks unsatisfied.

It is apparent that the architect devoted much attention to details.

I am reading this letter.


Where did you go?


It's very relaxing.

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60,000 lucky number request: I got a request to draw an illustration for the site of Beikyu, who hit the lucky number, "Standing By A Little Maple Tree".


The murder scene was a grisly sight.

I was caught in a shower on my way to the station.

His meaning is quite plain.

Many Germans travel to Greece every summer.

Jerome put the key in the ignition.

Angus doesn't know that I'm here.

That big advertisement tower puts our city to shame.

I need to see her immediately.

No words were able to admonish him.

This is natural.

She isn't answering her phone.

Latin word order is free, but not arbitrary.

She lost an earring.

Samuel must've had a good reason for what he did.

Try to imagine the situation.


Walt is gaining on us.

I hugged her tightly.

Collagen is a protein that aids the joining of tissues.


I'm sitting here with Duane.


She doesn't need sympathy, but support.

Give me a hammer.

I minimized the document and then maximized it again.

He had a shower before breakfast.

Both of the windows were broken.


Petr will be helping us paint our garage.


Starbuck just made up that story. It's not true.

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Justin is feminine.

He managed to forbear his revenge.

You can't force yourself to forget something.

Don't look so sad.

Chet didn't expect Terrance to finish her homework so quickly.

Saiid is younger than you are.

A lot of people don't vote.

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The audience acclaimed the actors for their performance.

Marvin took control of the business.

Please take out the trash.

Don't try to make me angry.

They adore you.

My brother may have to be operated on for the knee injury.

Smoking is prohibited in this restaurant.

Frances doesn't have to study.

I thought you said you were bad at French.

I understand you wish to speak with Liyuan.

A good friend will stand by you through thick and thin.

She let me penetrate her.

There are sufficient grounds for believing he is honest.

The world is a living image of God.

I lived there for five years.

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It was totally inappropriate.


Can you take me with you on the plane?


He gave up his attempt once for all.

One important thing to remember is that Americans may remain silent when you say something they don't agree with.

He didn't used to drink.


We've been fighting every night.

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Where's the restroom?

I don't really know them at all.

Call 1-800 TATOEBA now for a free sentence.

I wonder why Earl gave this to me.

Why aren't you doing anything?

Irfan and Lee fight all the time.

He's a little like his father.

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Mr Smith is poor but he has seen better days.

People could have avoided many mistakes by simple experiments.

It's 18th June today, and also Muiriel's birthday!

You can't speak to me like that. I'm your boss.

She's not a doctor.

I've just finished writing a letter.

Could you help us after school?

Your red cheeks give away your perversion.

When Kate played a minor part in a movie, her acting was criticized.

Pria has done nothing but complain ever since he got here.

What do you recommend I should see?

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I don't like these sweets.

Morton could hardly wait for the chance to go swimming again.

I think you did a great job.

We watch films on DVD every Saturday night.

The undertaking was a failure from the beginning.

John felt like there were ghosts in the dark room.

Most castles have a moat surrounding them.

Clifford is an adjunct professor.

Cows are sacred to Hindus.

How many full moons are there in a year?

Do you think I'm stupid?


We need to protect Briggs.

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She is at the top of her class.

Catherine didn't want to leave empty-handed.

I think I get the general idea.


I feel quite at ease among strangers.

I saw my sister tear up the letter.

The company is our wholly-owned subsidiary.

Now some Pharisees who had been sent.

I will never force you to marry him.

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I've been in Australia several years.

Paul seems to know the way.

I have to solve this problem.

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Let us know if you can come.

I want you to stay with them.

He owned his success to both ability and industry.

Here the copyright comes into play.

If you do not have this program, you can download it now.

Kanthan sings very well.

I'm used to hearing sirens.


Hold your breath! It's poisonous gas.

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Moses always lies.

Tatoeba boosts your confidence and you are inspired to try further.

China has landed their first jet on an aircraft carrier.

Let there be love.

Izchak rooted through her purse, but didn't find what she was looking for.

Those were different times.

What OS and browser do you use?


Selflessness is the best thing you can do for yourself.

I am a man.

When they returned from fishing, or from wherever they had been, they were wont to sing a hymn.

Antony was knighted in 2013.

What makes one person a genius and another person a fool?


Do you think Oscar is boring?


Dewey's coming over tonight, so you know.

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Joachim keeps complaining that he doesn't have enough time.