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extensive bags

Going shopping, in fact, a bit ‘for forgetfulness, a bit’ in a hurry, it always happens the same thing. We forget to take along the envelopes of most resistant plastic , which we purchased for this purpose. With the result of returning from the supermarket with the disposable bags supplied by it. The packaging, after their use, often has the destination of the rubbish bin. Why not turn them into something useful, recovering them with the art of “do it yourself”? Here, below, some ideas to recycle the disposable supermarket bags .

Our Story


plastic bags

They will be perfect for the use we’re going to do: a crochet bag. If we have a little practice in this manual art, just get so many thin strips. We will then simply strip the disposable bags of the supermarket. Then we will work them as for raffia: a low point, to obtain a thicker and more consistent weft. Let’s start with a chain of the desired length, for each side of the bag we want to get. We work, in round-trip rounds, at low point until we reach the desired height. Finally, we sew all the pieces made to form our bag. With other strips we will work the handles, always in the same way.


The disposable bags

In order to keep the shape of the bags that we use on a daily basis to leave the house perfectly in line, we need a suitable padding. The disposable envelopes of the supermarket perfectly perform this function. They are soft and can be easily rolled up. When we store our bags momentarily disused, they will no longer lose their original shape. We will find them ready for use, at the time of the change of season or for any other need.Those who need virtue have learned the proverb well. African children can still play and have fun with simple means. Inspired by them, we can also create a ball from the disposable bags of the supermarket. In this context inventiveness plays an important role. And ideas will spring up from our imagination alone. In this case, many bags will be required. We’ll knead them well, until they give them the last shape of a ball. A disposable colored envelope will be used for the coating of this unusual solution.



Women love bags forever. New cuts, new colors, new fabrics and innovative trends encourage the renewal of this accessory. But when you have too many bags, where are the old ones crammed? In most cases they are at the back of the closet to make room for the new purchase . Have you ever thought that it is possible to recycle bags in an original and creative way? Along the steps of this guide we will give you 5 ideas to get creative and original results, which you can share with your friends. With a little imagination you will have fun giving life to new objects, because basically the basic philosophy of people creative is that nothing is thrown away.


Smaller bags 

Leather bags are suitable for this project. These, very often, are set aside because the skin is damaged with time and bad weather. It is sufficient to identify the areas of the bag in which the skin is still intact and cut out of the squares. The squares can then be sewn together leaving a free opening. Add a small zipper to complete the job. If you do not like the classic square wallets, opt for the shape you prefer and apply additional interior pockets. It is not necessary to have paper patterns to implement this project. Only you and your imagination can determine the final result. Start from a basic idea and with a bit of tenacity you will get what you want.