The Yohum technique is based on the thousand year old yogic principles of breathing, humming, vibrations, and sound and music, all brought together with scientific understanding to bring effortless deep relaxation to you.

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The Yohum Experience is your access card to deep relaxation, leading to improved mental and physical health, as well as increased efficiency at the workplace. To be able to deliver the best of meditation, we looked through hundreds techniques and finally decided upon a practice that originated in this very country, but took flight with our neighbours in Tibet: the humble Tibetan Singing Bowl. Very few people are aware of the Tibetan Singing Bowls, and those who benefit from them have made the effort to study them. At Yohum, we make that effort for you. We bring the Singing Bowls, and the effortless deep relaxation that they come with, to your doorstep.

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According to study by top employee assistance programme provider, Optum: "46% of the workforce in organisations in India suffers from some or the other form of stress". Employees now spend more than 60% of their time at workplaces, thereby being constantly under stress. We fully understand the importance of having an unstressed workforce, having been on the corporate side ourselves. We understand how stess works and how it affects performance, and we assure you that our four prolonged approach to tackling stress works. We use the ancient practice of breathing, humming, vibration and music to align our body and cells to the rhythm of the universe, all the while making sure that you don't have to make any effort yourself.

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We have studied how the four step approach that we use affects us at a cellular level, getting right to the root of the problem. The studying of this ancient technique and merging it with the scientific understanding we have today has enabled us to make The Yohum Experience truly therapeutic. Yet another important aspect is accessibility, so we allow you to take the call on where and when you would like to experience Yohum. We conduct our sessions in two ways: depending upon your comfort, you can either come to us, and have a session in our space, or you can call us to your space and we will come to you.

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