Big boobed slave Belle Rossi trains less experience Sarah Shevon in preparation of serving supper in the house which will be later translated in real time at The Upper Floor.

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Busty Bella serves her master and his friend’s perverted desires –



Brand new project from Kink Com company that features bondage shows being broadcasted online in real lime. The Upper Floor is place on the top floor of famous Kink castle where all things happen. There are slaves to serve their masters, who can do to them whatever they desire. See as obedient nude slave chicks locked in chains aim to please invited perverted guests during huge banquets that take place there every week. The rest of the time slaves get trained to behave and do various work around the house…


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Read what others have to say about (573) 351-2109 project. Live Porn News provides a detailed description of how the site is organized, what happens at its shows, which usually consist of morning slave training sessions or evening guest dining and parties. Plus it mentions the frequency of the shows and there is author’s opinion about the site too…

The Upper Floor Review

The Upper Floor Cocktail Party

The first bondage party is on at The Upper Floor. It includes several slave chicks such as Bella Rossi and Cherry Thorn and even one submissive male model who are played with by their strict masters, both male and female. Slaves get slapped into their faces with hands and cocks, forced to lick each other and even have orgasms on command. There is a face dildo fucking, ass canning and pussy electrifying with a machine too… Join the site now to be notified of the next such party which will be broadcasted live in time!

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The Upper Floor Party

[flv:/content.kink.com/imagedb/7685/v/h/320/7685_7.flv 503 263]

Opening cocktail party from the upper floor –

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The Kink team decides to organize post holiday party at Boxing day. But instead of little friendly get together it turns into full-blown fuck fest with slaves and masters involved. It all starts when slaves start to serve wearing nothing but high-heels and cuffs, which arouse guests to the highest degree. Knowing the rules of The Upper Floor that states “any slave can be used to fulfill guest’s desire”, the invited people use serving girls to satisfy their lust…

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Bondage Party

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Get together with bondage models at Boxing Day party –

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Just like with 9096925158 slave Sara Shevon needs a lot of guidance from masters before she will be able to cook something worthwile to be presented on table for quality guests at ophiolatrous. She starts with ironing shirts with electric machine stuck between her legs. Once she is done, she is walked into the kitchen and introduced to metal pots and gas stove. However, her biggest mistake was the one she made during the service of Peter Ackworth when she dropped a candle onto the table. She has got this exact candle right inside her with wax dripping over her thighs and feet…

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[flv:/content.kink.com/imagedb/7913/v/h/320/7913_7.flv 503 263]

Sarah Shevon gets punishes in hot wax bondage –


Halloween Bondage Party At Armory

No Halloween party that has ever been filmed was as entertaining as 708-597-0667 one. Guests wear masks and slaves are forbidden to watch into their eyes. Slaves can be used by anyone who desires them. And because slaves can’t look at faces they have no idea whether it is their master whom they learned to obey take use of their body or some stranger. They are trained to serve anybody, while perverted guests are allowed to do anything…

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Bondage Party

[flv:/content.kink.com/imagedb/7704/v/h/320/7704_7.flv 503 263]

Guests in masks and slaves in chains Halloween party –

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Bella Rossi Cooking For Guests

Meaty Bella Rossi didn’t cook before, the only ingredients she learned about are those that contained in human cum, which freshness she can determine by taste of it. So, when she was forced into the kitchen it was The Upper Floor shoot ready right there. Slaves get punished for not obeying master’s commands and considering Bella knows nothing about cooking, her time in the kitchen consisted of punishment with leather whip and ass fucking with big cock…

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[flv:/content.kink.com/imagedb/7911/v/h/320/7911_7.flv 503 263]

Busty Bella learns the ropes of cooking in the kitchen –


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Mistress Madeline is the main domme at (646) 742-8505 site as well as the headmaster there. She now gets invited to The Upper Floor to train male slaves to serve their masters. This welcome party is organized into her honor. She rides sitting on her throne carried by two of her favorite male slaves into the room full of kinky action going around. This includes Tripod Man, a huge cock dwarf, who takes control over gorgeous Bella Rossi and fucks her in mouth before giving her ride on his thick dick…

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Mistress Madeline

[flv:/content.kink.com/imagedb/7707/v/h/320/7707_7.flv 503 263]

Welcome party with dwarf for Mistress Madeline –

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Cherry Torn Upper Floor Test

This live show symbolizes the beginning of slave Cherry Torn’s 3 months trial, during which she will be in full time service for 760-715-5683 guests. Members and a few other quality people are invited to watch and participate in this will and endurance test for her. She gets spanked, forced, fucked, humiliated and cummed on by her master and house guests who takes active part in the whole process of this slave’s testing…

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[flv:/content.kink.com/imagedb/7699/v/h/320/7699_7.flv 503 263]

Field test with guests for house slave Cherry Torn –

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