The United States of America is a democratic country.

I'll go tell her we're ready.

Noemi Jackson spoke to the teachers at our school.

Are your glasses prescription?

Choose the one you like best.

If you don't give in now, you will regret it later.

My enemy's enemy is my friend.


I initially hated it.


The typhoon caused the river to flood.

Vincent wants Harris to buy a new dress for the banquet.

Why not let him pursue his studies as he likes?

I could find his address.

She's a remarkable young lady.

Lui never liked the way I did things.

You should talk directly to Drew.

Tomorrow, I will ask him.

How can you not like horses?

Don't eat sweets between meal times.

That sounds reasonable.

This car must go.

I can't let my father down.

I can't keep up with Venkata, but it's fun trying.

That's it. I've done all I can do.

No one lives in this house. Everyone is dead.

You do not have a fever.

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Tim was about to be kissed, but he didn't know it.

Sing me a song, Ronald!

Turn on your headlights.

Maybe we can buy her a new one.

June is in the garden, pulling weeds.

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Do you like the corsage?

This is the second time I have arrived in China on my own.

We've got to go now.


The candidates are out kissing babies and pumping hands.

A meteoroid is a piece of stone-like or metal-like debris which travels in outer space.

Sunday is when I spend my time reading.

It wasn't until Kirk left me that I realized how much I loved him.

As soon as he comes back, let me know.

Joon ran for the door.

Until recently we took oil for granted.

We're trying to have a serious discussion here.

We want that to end.

Sean and Metin looked at each other and then back at John.

I need a place to stay for a couple of days.


Isn't today your birthday?

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She's addicted to drugs.

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The factory produces cotton goods.

He's almost always in the hospital.

You may rest assured that we shall do all we can.

Did you know him?

Mats asked Mahesh the one question she really didn't want to answer.


Not long after I joined the queue, a man approached and asked if I wanted a taxi.

The old woman is a doctor.

Something terrible has happened.

He was invited by the President to the White House inaugural ball.

It is true that he is good at playing golf.

Please kick as hard as you can.

Rob and Shakil were alone in the park.


I have to go to a meeting now.

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It's not that I don't love you, I just don't want to live with you.


My vet won't feed his dog commercial dog food.


My success was largely due to luck.

Aren't you scared, Doyle?

I don't mind sharing a room with Bertrand.

The local police and the FBI formulated a search plan to capture the fugitives.

Rajiv took off his coat.

What an amazing palace we saw yesterday!

Murthy was at the gym for three hours yesterday.


I have a problem and I need your advice.


Do you guys want to do something fun?


Do they love each other?

We don't have school tomorrow.

Do you even remember me?

She sticks out like a sore thumb.

We should take a coffee break.

You won't be sorry.

I feel like this is going to end badly.


I know who it was.

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You've hurt me.

He was so interested that he gave it his attention.

I thought Shel had been notified.

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A policeman came up to him.


We know it won't happen again.


I cannot buy this book. It's too expensive.

Can you see the woman standing behind Winston? That's Price.

I know I should have said something, but I didn't know what to say.

Yet again, Gilbert is not on time.

Amarth fell and broke his arm.

What have you found, Israel?

I love traveling in the winter.

The man reading a book over there is my father.

Are they American?

It'll get warm soon.

That car could've hit me.

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He was heard to sing at the concert.

After that day I ceased to be capable of genuine heartfelt concern.

I'll give you a hint.

I'm not cut out for this.

We had to smoke our meat to preserve it.

The governor set the prisoners free.

Please inform me what options are available to me.

What do you say to a bus tour next Saturday?

We're holding an opening sale today.

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Vick just wants my money.


His ties were always wrinkled.

Read this now.

I don't recall seeing her.

I don't expect anything from you.

You could go swimming if you wanted to.

I cannot roar like a lion. I'm a jackal.

Starbuck continued to live a simple life in Boston.

Do you know where the closest bathroom is?

No problem. Come again soon.

Sadako wanted to forget about it.

It's shameful, the way he wastes money.

I'm looking forward to receiving letters from you.

I think this table takes up too much space.

Kylo did warn us.

I can't stand that nasty attitude of his any longer.


I'm watching my weight.

How long did Malloy say he was in Boston?

That is a high caliber rifle.

This is the first time I've been here.

You know what I need.

Do you want to hear this story or not?

He was thought to have been killed in the Second World War.

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She knows how to make more than a hundred types of bread.

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I've had only a couple of drinks.

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Are there any solutions?

He quit his job.

We met last week.

I'm uncomfortable around people like Mark.

Where is the logic in that?

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Beware! Frictionless road ahead.

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If you ever do anything to hurt Patrice, I'll kill you.

There are lots of things I want to talk about.

Have you finished packing your suitcase?

I killed the count.

Where is my position on the map?

I don't mind if I do!

I was able to solve the question this morning.

We differ from them in some respects.

I'd never do that for Hein.


That depends, but usually about three times a week.

Kevan is in want of common sense.

I knew it was you, Raghu.


George is putting his son into the bed.

Eli talked Galen into going out for coffee.

He helped me to carry the bag.


This is the last time I'm telling you to do that.


He had the kindness to help me.


Bring them along.


Ravindranath's speech was full of double entendres, most of which went over his audience's head.

Manjeri came out of nowhere.

I'll go if Srikanth goes.

"No, I don't," said Mr Jordan.

Joseph wouldn't tell me why he wasn't here yesterday.

This painting has already been sold.

My teacher told me that I didn't devote enough time to preparing my speech.


The concert was a great success.

Often, it is those who do nothing who are guilty of injustice, and not only those who act.

Are you cut?