I can read German, but I can't speak it.

We didn't ask.

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If you want to unscrew these screws, you should use a screwdriver.

The teacher distributed the handouts to the students.

Oooh, get a move on. We'll end up late! Come on, I'll tie your shoelaces for you.


I'd like to book a bedroom.

Waiter! I need a knife.

She's gone completely off her rocker.


Sonny can't see what's written on the blackboard.

I think Caroline is discreet.

I'm three hours away.


I went there the day before yesterday.


Joachim is being a bit self-indulgent, isn't he?

Are you offering me a job?

I had Nici make the call to Liz.

Ramneek always thought that John and Christopher were such a nice couple.

I'm not bald.

The daughter was irritated with her mother, who always broke her promises.

I'm looking for someone who can babysit on Monday night.

A water molecule is composed by three atoms: two hydrogen and one oxygen.

Timo claims he shot Hitoshi in self defense.


It sort of happened by accident.

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No news has come in from anywhere.


We had a few glasses of sangria.

How about going for a swim this weekend?

I'm not very disappointed.

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Irfan owns the building I live in.

I don't know what to do about this situation.

The famous oil painting was sold at the auction for 2 million dollars.

There was no avoiding them.

Dan was shot in the back of the head.


He's eating an apple.

He took me for granted.

Jaime bought a horse.

If you need help, just ask.

Lorenzo is tense.

No one can say that.

The person I am writing to is my mother.


The trade agreement must provide a level playing field in which to compete.

We both stand to benefit from this arrangement.

While walking down the street, I saw two white cats pissing near a car tire.

Love me!

It was so peaceful in the grove of trees.

He is indifferent to worldly success.

My door is always open for you, Betsy. Come to me if you have any problems.

Don't do me any favors.

Is there a zoo in the park?

It's cold this morning, isn't it?

He looked deeply into her eyes.

Political unrest was in the air.

You'll never guess where I am.


I don't want to go to school.


They are sitting around the graves of their dead ancestors.


Human beings weren't meant to sit in cubicles all day, staring at computer screens.

I don't wanna know this.

Little children like to touch everything.

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What's not to love?

Three out of four Americans believe in the existence of paranormal phenomena.

The book shop also looks like it closes late.

We all want the same thing to happen.

Lucius is the batter on deck.

I look out on the brilliant heaven, and see a milky way of powdery splendour wandering through it, and clusters and knots of stars and planets shining serenely in the blue frosty spaces; and the armed apparition of Orion, his spear pointing away into immeasurable space, gleaming overhead; and the familiar constellation of the Plough dipping down into the west; and I think when I go in again that there is one Christmas the less between me and my grave.

Vicky and I made a pact.

Everyone felt safe.

Maarten can hardly speak French at all.

Saumya woke up in the night with a burning pain in the middle of his chest.

He made a motion that we stop and rest awhile.


Apparently, Eric is still alive.

Maarten is on his way to Boston.

Something similar happened to me.

Marilyn looks relaxed.

You're impressed, aren't you?

You have no business complaining about the matter.

You have to make a careful choice of books.

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Officers of the navy wear white uniforms.

I hope you're up to the challenge.

Which one would you like?

Frederic has always been that way.

Blayne drove along the river.

Kiki had nothing to add.

Bernard built a bookcase.

Someone is singing.

We wanted to ask Celeste some questions, but he's gone.

Terri is a little older than the rest of the students in his class.

Sumitro is the person who helped Manuel.

If I could, I would.

I'm much better today than I was yesterday.

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They warned the ship about the danger.


I guess you cannot do it.

She was understandably angry.

What make of car is it?

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Sehyo came out of nowhere.

Stop pretending to be something you're not.

I don't know how far.

Kevan couldn't walk without crutches.

You've got to apologize to him.


Anderson doesn't like the idea.

I wish I could travel around the world.

That coach gave him good advice.

Don't take what Wilmer says at face value.

Do as he says.


Kyle couldn't see what it was.

I saw Roy and he asked me to pass this along to you.

You won't believe what happened to Dan.

Don't blow it.

It will be over in a moment.

I think Andrew believes everything Cory says.

You were here then.


Tell him you can't do it.

His clothes always smell bad.

A thousand pardons for coming into your house so late.


The murderer is now on trial.


He takes the purple pill so he doesn't feel bored.

I want you to wait right here.

Jianyun has never played lacrosse.


I should visit Boston.

Littering is prohibited.

Do whatever you can.

I must continue.

Has Gunter told Spass yet?


I have some good news to report.

They made money by selling drugs into the huge market.

Is that the key you are looking for?


I've only met Rainer twice.

This could start a panic.

She left home early in the morning for fear that she would miss the first train.

Off with the head of duplicate-mongers.

It's going to take about an hour.

The player was acclaimed by the fans.

You should have killed them when you had the chance.

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He became more and more famous.


Father consented to my leaving school.

Of course, you weren't wrong.

Virginia, a wife should have no secrets from her husband.

You'll pay for what you did to me.

I think you know what to do.

Things changed after that.

Collect your thoughts before you begin your work.

The act known as terrorism, that rips away from us in an instant our peaceful days of happiness, is certainly worthy of being called an enemy to all mankind.

The night falls fast in winter.

I'll be busy all afternoon.

Correct any errors.

I think I'm lost.

You make your own life.

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You must pay attention to what your teacher says.

I don't know how much longer I can stay.

A small pond is behind my house.

The leaves turn brown in the autumn.

I got up earlier than usual to catch the first train.

I want Turkeer to sign this.

I can't imagine why not.

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I have the ace of clubs.

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See to it that the letter is posted this afternoon.

Give me your location.

Edmond keeps his boat at the pier.

Don't despair, ask Thomas!

I am not a monster.

We hid in the cave together.

They did it willingly.

I'm still very scared.

Don't quote me.

The house burned to the ground before the fire truck arrived.

This is pretty good, isn't it?

Sharan doesn't ever listen to me.

This is the thing that frightened me the most.

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Sandra quite often eats out.