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I keep having nightmares.

He doesn't work as hard as he used to.

Do you want to see my room?

Who'd want to kill me?

In cookies, he only eats the filling.

This is never going to work.

Your instincts were right about Caleb.

I went there in private.

The teacher pushed him for an answer.

She will have a child next month.

I met so many people that I do not even remember their faces.


This medicine is still not sold in pharmacies.

How many faces does a cube have?

Express yourself as you please!

He fled with the money.

Dan didn't expect to find much about Linda's past.

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I want you to take these.

You clown you.

Forget the sad affair.

How can you get Lin to heed the comments with suggested corrections?

Every insult was put on him.

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The whole nation voted in the election.


If you don't like your job, quit.

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I'm reading a book about languages.

How do I fix the air-conditioner?

Perhaps we should contact Manavendra.

I just uncorked a bottle of wine.

How long you been running this place, Kit?


Konstantinos started to sit where he usually sits, but Huey asked him to sit somewhere else.

Dani wrote a song for Oscar.

I want to be examined by a doctor because of my stomach ache.

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Piercarlo wanted to get his driver's license as soon as he could.

It's finally here.

The schedule must be maintained.

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I don't feel like going out.

A snowstorm is raging in the northern Golan Heights and in the high peaks of the Galilee.

The Romans left their mark in Britain.

I hope Larry knows.

He may have missed his usual bus.

Blaine likes all vegetables except cabbage.

You can make of that what you will.


Soohong ate a grilled chicken salad.

Kuldip vomited into the bucket.

Cole is innocent.


What year are you in school?

He undressed me with his eyes.

I almost gave up.

I bought a scarf for my grandfather on my father's side's 88th birthday.

The days are getting longer every day.


We did the things good.

I'd like more detailed information.

You matter because you are you, and you matter until the last moment of your life.

Don't be afraid of change.

Children were different from her.

He asked me to throw the ball back.

I remarked on the beauty of the landscape.

Kees was looking at you.

You must've had a great weekend.

Needless to say he is one of the best writers of the present generation.

Rogue seems to be in trouble.

He is able to speak Japanese.

Let's walk toward town.

When I first met him, I was taken aback by his unexpected question.

Angela was clearly disappointed.

Perhaps you can help me.

I don't drive a car.

No amount of wealth can satisfy a covetous man. All the treasure in the world won't make him happy.

Tharen turned on the TV.


I often run into her at the supermarket.


Hit Dan.

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Eric played a sweet tune on the piano.

Can you speak my language?

You won't feel a thing.

Daren looks really worried.

This is a mockery of justice.


Louie didn't discuss the matter with Edmund.

Moderate exercise stimulates the circulation of blood.

You're Petrus.


I'm from Milan.

When he finished the work, he went home.

Dick managed to find a pay phone.

At first sight, it seemed larger to me.

I remember the night Juha met Stephanie.

With your ability it should be a doddle, but please don't be prideful of that but first apply yourself dilligently with everyone in your class.

Let's not talk about him.

Stan is sipping a cup of tea.

Every nation gets the government it deserves.

It's enough, don't cry!

They can open the window.

I already told Rebecca that.

How much longer do you suggest we devote to this?

Clare learned that the rental price would be discounted if he and the agent agreed to a seven-day rental term.

She quickly went up the stairs.

You should write a book.

Andreas gave Syun a pair of diamond earrings.

Thank you for picking me up.

This will be one of the best memories of my life.

Bangladesh became independent in 1971.

Some deny that there is a link between concussions received playing football and brain damage, so maybe if you decide to play football you're already brain damaged.


I didn't want to catch a cold, so I didn't go out onto the street .


He's twenty-four years old.


Somebody is calling you from the gate.


All or nothing.

Do you like facial hair on men?

I think Florian needs medical attention.

Ronni got into the driver's seat and started the car.

Teruyuki's wife will provide an alibi for him.


Talk to us, Huey.


This island is a paradise for children.

This picture reminds me of my childhood.

There are eighteen of them.


Crime in the streets is increasing.

She found a nice tie for me.

Hunter is the one who told me where you live.

How much do these black pants and red shirts cost?

We appreciate your continued support.

Facts are to the scientist what words are to the poet.

This cellphone is really expensive.


He started for America yesterday.

I'm playing with my cat.

They rarely spoke of the labour problem at their workplace.


One professor says that even if Alex is using words, it's wrong to call it a language.

I want everybody out of this room as soon as possible.

Harris is watering the garden.


The price they are charging seems reasonable.


We need to find a new babysitter.

They don't have any weapons.

He majors in modern literature.

This whole affair stinks to high heaven.

The blast-off took place on schedule.

Kusum was a very tough opponent.

I have orders.

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I play the guitar in my spare time.

Merril's muscles were tired and he wanted to get home and soak in a hot bath for a while.

It's hard to keep up with him.

That's a joke, right?

It is important for you to read many books.

I love how green everything gets down there in spring.

My toes are numb.


What a great dinner!


Duane hasn't found out yet what Willie did.

Yesterday, he wrote a letter.

I want him.

That made me laugh.

I don't ever want that to change.

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There's a warrant out for your arrest.

Allan was late for his appointment.

Arlene ate a late breakfast.

Can we apply this rule in this case?

It is no longer a dream for man to live on the moon.


I finished doing the work before supper.

Agreements must be kept.

The picture painted by him is of great value.


The end of the world will have to wait.

If you park here, your car will get towed.

We're not out of business yet.

Is she Japanese?

Why are you still complaining?

Disabled people can't stand being pitied.

Sid abandoned Earle.

Where are the glasses?

When I had met her in Bucharest, Anca was a student.


The botanist carefully recorded the morphological characteristics of the trees.


The police are having a blitz on drink driving, hooliganism and hoon driving this weekend.