You may be that writer with the best of skills and talents, yet undiscovered.

You can create great articles, books, reports or any content
for education, publishing, research, enterprise and business, but yet be unknown to the world.

You know, you possess the knowledge and the expertise to be a top-league author
but not tested yet on the world stage to get proven.

Come, We at RiteAnyway provide you that platform, to get tested, reviewed,
and showcased,to have you unveiled as a creative and purposeful writer that you really are.

Here is How We Do It

    We first define and outline what is required to be written and published.

    Next, we invite you to self-publish for review on our RiteAnyway platform,a sample write-up of what and how you can write on the specific topic provided.

    There, your sample write-up goes, up on the RiteAnyway platform to be seen by all, the Global Crowd as it were, and be reviewed by them. The Global Crowd’s review gets facilitated by RiteAnyway in an open, standard star-rating system with comments featured for peer-view. Hand-in-hand with this Crowd review, your submission will be reviewed by the RiteAnyway specialist Edit-team to get you a composite star-rating for the submission.

    Top ranked among you will be honour-listed, commissioned and compensated on contractual terms with a detailed brief to produce the article or book or research report to get it published by RiteAnyway or any of its affiliates/associates/partners.

Here is How You Riteanyway and Get World Known

Concept and Outline

Hi, Thank you for offering, in the first place, to submit a sample
manuscript write-up for review and selection for writing and publishing...

Submit and Upload Sample Write-up

Once you are a community member, you may log-in anytime, anywhere, to look up for the Content/Theme page offered for...

Global Crowd Rating + RiteAnyway Edit and Review

Crowd-Read and Review on RiteAnyway is simple. The sample write-up showcased under individual genres, themes etc. will be arranged on the Read-pages...

Get Top-Ranked, Honour-listed and Published

The most crucial and decisive stage is to publish the top-rated write-up by commissioning the chosen and coveted top-rated...

Get Renowned and Rewarded as a Writer!

You may be that writer with the best of skills and talents, yet undiscovered. You can create great articles, books, reports or any...

What is RiteAnyway

RiteAnyway is a publishing platform for aspiring writers wishing to be discovered and published through Crowd-Source. The Platform will enable such writers to showcase samples of their writing on chosen themes and genres and get them reviewed by a discerning crowd as well as by the RiteAnyway panel of editors to enable eventual star-rating of writers, selected and commissioned for writing on the chosen themes, genres and topics.

The writing and learning world is changing thick and fast. Traditional written forms still survive but sooner than later they are being complimented and even replaced by digital media that is turning normal reading exercises to eminent learning experiences, spanning all forms-text, audio, video, multimedia and virtual world. Now it is very real that writing and learning are happening concurrently, virtually, in real time; Writers write, readers read and learners learn on a single virtual digital platform, no matter where they are on the globe. RiteAnyway endeavors to be that Knowledge Universe spanning the entire gamut of every one's knowledge needs.

As initial offerings, RiteAnyway features a mini-platform for any aspiring writer to offer for Crowd and Editor Review, samples of writing to be star-rated and published. Writing content and getting published being a key link in the value chain of any learning management process, RiteAnyway endeavors to forge such published content virally to the much larger canvas of knowledge, teaching, training and learning.


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