Nobody hears about my country.

No mechanical problems were found.

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I'll take care of it personally.

I like to listen to podcasts.

One in four corporations doesn't pay any taxes.

Jeffie put his keys on the dining table.

Does anyone here know how to do this?

My wife's constant nagging really gets on my nerves.

Starbuck smiled at me.

Your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

This town is increasing in population.

He said nothing that would make her angry.

He can speak English much more fluently than I can.

Ira works eight hours a day.

I expostulated with him on his dishonesty.

I need a bag. Will you lend me one?

I'm going to cut down on meat.

I recommend you try it this way.

They said such a policy would lead to smuggling.

Jagath pulled out a handkerchief and blew his nose.

That's a great plan.

Who would you vote for?

Do you think Johnathan would help?


Frances will work.


Nathaniel doesn't mind being told what to do.


Kosh is a Vorlon ambassador in the Babylon 5 space station.

Eric is going to have a fit.

They built an asylum for the blind.


I thought I'd surprise Nhan and take her to dinner.


I'm in Dubai.

Forgive them.

These received no names.

This investment is not for the risk-averse.

Would you like some help?


Go wake up Vinod and tell him that breakfast is ready.


That's a tricky question.

Hunter is very old-fashioned.

When do we get paid?

Ralf passed the exam.

He said something.

He kept badgering her until she told him what he wanted to know.

Ania has brown hair, but Magdalena has blonde hair.

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List is a graduate of Harvard.

In one week there are seven days.

He told the boss some cockamamie story about being sick and needing days off from work.

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Did Novorolsky know what to do?

When does the shop close?

We had to shut the window because of the mosquitoes.


Your secret's safe with me.

What exactly is this about?

I caught a glimpse of the phantom sitting behind the wheel.


But we do know many things about his character, thanks to letters and notebooks he left behind and other people's stories about him.

Claire blamed his failure on bad luck.

We need a place to stay for the night.

You must not rely too much on appearance.

I always knew Adam was no good.

Rather than live a hundred years as a rabbit, live one day as a tiger.

I wasn't there at that time.

At the age of six, I was taken to a circus for the first time.

I now view life differently than I used to.

Heinrich married his high school crush Omar.

He had a great fancy for traveling.


I don't need one of those.

He is not here right now. Why are you looking for him?

We're not going to let Allen go.

Gilles put her finger on my lips.

She got a false impression of him.

She pooh-poohed the idea with a disdainful wave of her hand.

I'm certain Ravindran was referring to Marian.

Repeating a lie does not make it true; it makes it a habit which is worse.

Try rewarding yourself and not relying on others for reward.

They were playing footsie under the table.

I think Marci made a big mistake.


We weren't given homework today.

And they brought us whole binders full of women.

Anton probably thought I wouldn't know how to cook rice.

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She loved everything about him.

Where's his home?

Why is life so hard?

She's a ski instructor.

I did not like wine in the past, but now I am addicted to it.

The basketball team doesn't practice on Monday.

Why don't you help him?

Tell Sandeep I'm busy.

I'll never be able to forget it.

Did you think of that?

You should prepare for tomorrow's lessons.

I'm at the restaurant.

This is the worst of all.

The pleasure is all mine.

I could talk to her.

Nathan's knee hurts when he walks up or down stairs.

They entered the inn and the three settled down at the table, but none of them had an appetite.

Why don't you say "Friend"? Saying it is always enough.

Someone's eating.


If you say "I was tricked," well that's certainly so but there's no mistaking that you were the one who signed up on a "sweet deal".

Hunter didn't tell me this.

I'm waiting to hear from her.

Let Guido talk first.

Finish digging the grave.


Will will catch up with us.


The forest was so thick that one could hardly walk through it.

Come on, give me a kiss.

Your shoes are muddy.

I was scouted by a model agency while walking around Shibuya.

My oldest brother lives in a small village.


Jiri wanted me to ask Cindy if she liked him.

They were compelled to postpone their departure.

He's trying to muscle in on my territory and get a piece of the action.

She doesn't translate well.

The child who ate almost all this cake must be very fat.


Elaine was attacked by a rabid squirrel.

The babies are screaming.

Stay together, no matter what happens.

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I'm just looking for my friends.

My car takes a lot of gas.

What is correct in one society may be wrong in another society.


Can I have seconds?


What are your wishes?

Everything in this room needs to be sold.

He stood up to better see the match.


I want you to make this work.

One of England's kings abdicated the throne in order to marry a commoner.

I told No to keep fighting.


One day I was lost in London.

We are concerned about Sofoklis.

I once went to Boston with her.

He leaves for Tokyo tomorrow.

John, being tired, went to bed early.

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Dick repeated the question.


I was disappointed at how little work there was there.


Light refreshments will be served.

When it comes to war, they are as brave as anyone.

Do you really think I'm stupid enough to believe that?


Someone wanted us to come.

It's Claudine's house.

I've had a little bit too much.

Benjamin was already asleep.

I should've gone after them.


Go up the street.

This cake is very sweet.

Graham is probably still studying French.

Americans descend from immigrants, and they are very patriotic.

Marcia discovered the truth.

In the autumn woodcutters always came and felled a few of the largest trees; that was done this year too, and the little Fir Tree, that was now quite well grown, shuddered with fear, for the great stately trees fell to the ground with a crash, and their branches were cut off.

I don't have time to waste.


I'm sure he will go far in the business world.

I suggest you take this a little more seriously.

She seems to hate you.

You need money.

It is possible for him to do the job.


I'm sorry for everything I've done to you.

They're lively dogs.

Can I use a netbook while standing in a crowded train?

Where else could I go?

This is a problem!


I have had my hair cut shoulder length.


Connie compared a picture taken of Jakob three years ago with one that had been taken recently.


Excuse me, but this is my seat.

There's a park near my house.

Finally, my sister got married.

Val and Nici like walking together in the woods.

Dan was supposedly on business in Boston, but Nathan claimed to have seen her in New York last night.


I can't do this without you guys.