Charleen worked for Eugene for a long time.

I'm going to go with you.


The police decided to arrest him.

Lonhyn jumped into the water with a splash.

I really need to take a shower.


Nicolette stayed overnight in Boston.

I did my best to protect her.

Garvey speaks up for racial pride.

It is interesting how he learned Japanese cooking.

We hate spiders.


He has a grip of steel.

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I didn't recognize Shankar.

What an unexpected surprise!

Olof ran for it.

Everything is getting worse.

Is there a big rush?

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Open these doors.

Casper took three sleeping pills.

She told me which clothes would be good to wear.


He knocked his opponent out.

Those are our teachers' cars.

To my chief strategist, David Axelrod, who's been a partner with me every step of the way. To the best campaign team ever assembled in the history of politics! You made this happen, and I am forever grateful for what you've sacrificed to get it done.

Elizabeth invited Noemi and her sister to his party.

It seems to work.

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I am suspicious of him.

If I were free, I would accept his invitation.

With being in the trade, I am able to get goods at a discount.

Sangho said he wasn't going to make any announcements.

At dinner time they stopped for a while to rest and eat.

Embrace your weirdness

What did Jeannie think Barton would say?

Watch out for Alexander. He has wandering hands.

Nancy is getting off the train.

Do you know what Part does in his spare time?

This store is opened at eight.

She asked for a picture.

He took a mirror and carefully examined his tongue.

If Marsha's girlfriend knew he was here now, she'd be very angry.

Sanche didn't forget to do his homework this time.

Nobody knew where Yvonne lived.

Could you tell me something about your school?

I want to know what's going on between you and Gerard.

I've got some photocopying to do.

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It took me a long time to learn how to do this.

Prices rose higher and higher.

Betty is crazy about dancing.

Someone stepped on my foot.

Jeanette works fast.

When Gypsy came back from this long trip he seemed not to enjoy his home country anymore.

Sleep problems are called insomnia.


When the fire broke out, he was dead asleep.

You're a magician with a needle and thread.

He will send Gilles up to the room.

I think you've been brainwashed.

She advised him to go abroad while he was still young.

Dieter was only gone for fifteen minutes.

True freedom is not in what you do, but in the way you choose to live what you do, and that faculty belongs just to you.

When you speak of the Devil, you can hear the rattling of his bones.

I think you still love Walter.

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How was Boston?

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It's an annual tradition here in Boston.

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I can do without an overcoat.

This is the perfect place for an ambush.

"Where's your mom, Russell?" "She's out shopping with my sis."


After the interruption I went back to my reading but forgot where I'd left off.


I'll see you whenever it suits you.

Do you have this in another color?

I'm just trying to help you out.


We're just nervous.

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Did you hear about the time Carolyn tried to kill Lorien?

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One of Frederick's sons became a doctor.

You're embarrassing me.

That dress fit her perfectly.

That would be stupid.

What's your boyfriend's name?

You're being facetious.

Becky has to do a lot of things before noon.

Has he arrived yet?

Mechael ate the salad that Amy made for him.


There's no need to apologize.

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Most of our business is derived from architectural competitions.


Delbert fell asleep while he was driving and caused an accident.


I'm pretty sure Roxanne is safe.

I was very polite.

I can't afford to live here anymore.

Gregor thought that was amusing.

My wife and I can't decide on names for the twins.

Why don't you do it?

I am going to miss you.

Would you please tell me the way?

I'm glad that Sylvan won.

What have they been doing?

I think that at that time none of us quite believed in the Time Machine.

Brender is not good at reading maps.

I'm having one hell of a time setting up Japanese as an input on Debian.

Detective Dan Anderson was the only investigator to follow that lead.

This is a picture of me when I was three years old.

I had a lot of fun playing tennis with Michiel.

You know who I'm talking about, right?

It is often said that nothing is more precious than time.

He is teaching Arabic.

Many rap songs are degrading to women.

They celebrated Sandra's success in getting a promotion.

I'll have two hot dogs with mustard and ketchup.

I cannot but believe her.

"Is it true that special forces are capable of torturing and killing innocent people?" "Special forces just execute orders. They are used for special jobs, no matter what."

I bought several guidebooks, none of which helped me.

Thomas came back home covered in mud.

I'd ask her.

Give me a reason to stay.

Gypsy looked up at Rajiv.

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Anna is one of Paris' most famous fashion designers.

Fred hasn't said anything to me.

The food is very good in the dormitory where he lives.

Have you seen him recently?

You wanted me to do that, didn't you?


I was absorbed in a book and didn't hear you call.

Child as she is, she is sociable.

This boy surpasses the rest of the class.


He has a brother in Tokyo.


It is not really visible to the naked eye.

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Sweet words bring the snake out of its hole.

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It's not there now.

I'm going there. No one can stop me.

They lived on corn, potatoes, and the meat of animals.

Your eyes are red with crying.

Can you tell me how this compares to that?

Employees were allowed to share in reading customer compliments.

I want you to call the police.


Dan's first wife had died of natural causes.

She prefers white-sand beaches.

I'm sure everything'll be okay.

Sorry. I missed the train.

I've never seen this woman sad or anxious.

Keep them busy.

Did you buy a gun?

Johann will get all the help he needs.

It takes time to master any skill.

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There is yet one minor blemish.

You brought them here, didn't you?

It must be really creepy to work in a morgue.

You don't have to make a big deal out of it.

Today, foreign relations and domestic affairs are in close contact.

My sister's skinny and me, I'm chubby.

I didn't ask Marika to teach me Finnish.

It is very important to obey the traffic rules.

He gets along with everyone in his class.


You never even have to see Mahmoud.

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Let's start now.

The sufferer of a cold may have spread the virus even before they noticed any symptoms.

Let's break stereotypes!


Nobody's going to believe that.

I was too busy helping Olson to help Judith.

How did you come to school?

My mind is at ease believing you'll keep the secret.

Murray spoiled all my plans.


His travels were wide and frequent.


Tor is doing a handstand.

There are five pencils here.

We're losing.

Aren't you going to tell Gideon?

I saw Mott and Sjouke holding hands.

The invitation said that popcorn and soft drinks would be served.

Really? Why?

What does this word mean?

Are you currently taking any medication?