A mouse is running about in the room.

I don't know if this is such a good idea.

I met her for dinner.

It seems that Leads has no idea where Oskar is.

Aren't you going to miss him?

Are you busy?

It proves absolutely nothing.

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Are you going home?

What would you tell him to do?

Gregge ate the salad.

From a literary point of view, his work is a failure.

We still aren't the ones who make the decisions here.

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Tell her I'm sorry.

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I usually eat rice with chopsticks.

She is very cunning.

Your wife teaches me Italian.

The boat passed under the bridge.

Noemi was tortured by the police.

Nothing blew up!

King was dancing by himself on the back porch.


He stared at her in astonishment.

I accept, but only under one condition.

He teases me all the time.

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He decided to postpone his departure.

This is smaller than that.

This goblet is made of gold.


You did not learn about people from Star Trek.

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Taxation is based on income.


It is true that he is young, but he is clever.

Your O's look like A's.

I'll get the fire started.


The deer is faster than it is strong.


I can't run as fast as Lloyd.

The can will do for an ashtray.

Look it up in your dictionary.

Who's your favorite horror movie character?

Hal straightened up his bedroom.

Sir allowed the police to search his home.

Salmon are born in freshwater streams, but live most of their lives in the ocean.

I still need to eat breakfast.

What time did the plane arrive at Narita?

Let's leave now before anyone changes their mind.

Miyazaki is not what it used to be.


She will need a car next week.

Our health is our most precious possession.

Root often goes fishing on Sundays if the weather is good.


Carole said he was aching all over.


Cathy placed the ladder against the fence.


Don't make me choose.

She gives him everything he asks for.

Margie went over to where Sri was standing.

Ireland is famous for its lace.

Himawan is Nici's secretary.


I'd like to express my gratitude to all those who have contributed to make my sentences better.

This cannot be got across with words.

Heidi seemed surprised at the news.

Johnnie was amazed when Clyde ate an orange, peel and all.

Fred says he needs a break, too.

The bells were ringing.

She couldn't keep from crying.

I was going to call her.

She seems to have left for Tokyo yesterday.


Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

I'll wait up for him.

The water was ice cold.

Do you think Darci will help us?

The sleep of reason produces monsters.

Nhan always gets his own way.

I'll have to be innovative.

He got his pilot's license.

Sorry, I didn't realize you were busy.

I feel like going to the movies.

What if you get caught?

"I understand Italian perfectly," she boasted while choosing a dish from the menu, but when the food was served, it was not at all what she expected.

If the first chapter is any indication, this book has the makings of a best seller.

We're almost out of gas.

Daniel is the only child of Jacob.

He has never been late for school.

The dog went bounding across the field.


Emma paid for her lunch with five dollars.

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I'm going to go.

The insect grew out of a pupa into an imago.

Ask Israel whether Butler is at home or not.


The bird in the cage is singing happily.

What she says is very true.

This is the dress I made last week.

With a piercing whistle, the ship sailed from the port.

I want you to come back.

She is proficient in both Spanish and Italian.

We enjoyed driving along the new expressway.

I didn't think you'd be in today.

They didn't notice anything suspicious.


Wait a minute, honey!

He knows his job.

What day are we on?

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Can I do anything for you?


The street is paved with asphalt.


A religion that uses fear as a motivator is not a good religion.

Vic shouldn't expect everyone to like the same kind of music that he does.

Why does this always happen to me?

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I am inclined to follow his advice.

The dress has a beautiful contrast between red and white.

You're not moving back to Boston, are you?


Russia guarantied the sovereignty of Ukraine, and her borders, following the treaty of nineteen ninety-four, whereby Ukraine, in exchange, renounced her nuclear arsenal.

You remember him, don't you?

Elijah was very understanding.

I told you to stay in your room.

It was very cold, so the lake froze.


We want the committee to work out the details.


She will sometimes sit still for hours.

The world is a dangerous place.

I told Lorenzo I wasn't going anywhere.

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They often quarreled with their brothers and husbands over the matter.


I went to the station to say good-bye to my friend.

I didn't know him at that time.

Please remind me, should I forget.

I used my driver's license to identify myself.

The scenery is really splendid.

How long are you going to keep giving me the silent treatment?

30 is the product of 3 times 10.

Alfred can't help you now.

There must be something in the box.


I like trains very much.

Betty managed to sing well.

I understand now.


We must do as they say.


He's in his element.

What do you think of our love?

Before we say goodbye, there's something I'd like to ask you.

I can't function in the morning.

My twelve year old boy doesn't like to play baseball.

Put your guns down!

In this world, there are some things that will never come true no matter how much you wish for them.

Ken has memorized a large number of Japanese songs.

I wouldn't be here if I didn't have to be.

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I cannot make out why he isn't here yet.

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Skip borrowed a hammer from his neighbor.


How many cups of coffee do you drink every day?

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They're going to fill in the contract.

You are always fighting.

Allen has never been to Boston.

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What does it really matter?


We must talk it over.

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I am leaving Japan tomorrow morning.

Children enjoying making a splash in water as they come off a waterslide.

You gain more than you spend when you go to college.

The horses eat grass.

The events were closely linked.

He pulled her a little closer.

To do him justice, he was kind at heart.

They say that Cathy strangled Joel to death.

Don't you ever talk to me like that again.


She gave him a slap in the face.

So I can go, right?

The baseball game ended in a draw.


Terri is fed up with Lawrence's complaining.


Nothing has been overlooked.