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Nanda got up on the wrong side of the bed and has been grouchy all day.

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That'll only make things worse.

I heard you were rich.

It was yesterday that I broke the window by mistake.

You're lucky to have a job.

Subjugation of the lower classes is important to our covert centralization of resources.

The young man tricked me into consenting.

The father will look after her all by himself.


The negotiations failed.

I was saved from death.

He can't sing.

I'm your assistant.

I won't go in.

You can't imagine it, can you?

Don't blame yourself for your son's character.

Will and I have been through a lot together.

He tried to break his son's habit of smoking.

He broke his pelvis when he fell off the ladder.

You have no sense of humor, do you?

"Ryu, I can't seeee!" "Naturally, that's because I'm covering your eyes."

There is a limit to everything.

I've done that three times.

I speak three languages.

Apparently, nothing bad happened.

Thank you for being here.

He took it from her by force.

I can easily tell if someone is a good person or not. If he likes me, then he's good. If he doesn't like me, then he's bad.

The pain has mostly gone away.

When Oskar entered the kitchen, the floor was covered in water.

Where is the metro St. Michel?

Jack wanted Pedro to kill Karen with her own hands, but Stanislaw objected saying she was not ready yet.

The people here are crazy for football.

This is an excellent point, Professor Teri.

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Hartmann was about to leave the house.


Sunil was real happy.

The sun had hidden itself behind a mountain.

I don't think I can wait any longer.

This is a lemon tree.

Francisco couldn't come because he's sick.

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He is in a sense a representative of his company.


Whatever happens, don't use this phone.

It isn't as cold here as in Alaska.

The prosperity of a country depends upon its citizens.

You're not going to hurt me, are you?

He's younger than me.

You're going to catch hell from your wife if she finds out.

In 1881, Clara Barton donated her time to help people in need, starting the American Red Cross.

I stayed at home, for it rained that day.

Laugh as much as you like; I'll stick to my plan to the bitter end.

Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you; for every one who is asking doth receive, and he who is seeking doth find, and to him who is knocking it shall be opened.

He lived in Istanbul for years. He speaks Turkish very well.

Thomas asked his parents to buy him a faster computer.

What in the world do you think you're doing?

You can't tell Ben not to go.

Industrious people look down on laziness.

My kitchen help has the intelligence of a spatula.

Revised is usually busier than Peter.

The young guy wants to drink.

Jagath has never bought frozen apples.

The war is going in our favor.

Why would you marry a woman if you like men?

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I have a boring job.

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Kay is old.

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Charleen sent me his picture.

All the crew left except for Moe.

He knows me.

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Today is the fifth day of continual stock price decline.

Donne tried to solve the problem, but couldn't.

My grandfather made it a rule to take a walk before breakfast.

I want a raise.

The earthquake caused a tsunami of immense size.


I got lost when I visited you for the first time.

They both can speak French.

It gets quite hot here in the summer.


The lesson is science.

I'll bet anybody on that.

That seems odd.

I was almost hit by a car.

Drop your guns!


That's a beautiful ring.


Did you intend to kill them?

I'm pretty sure Helen's biased.

Open your book on page nine.

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I'm yours.


After seeing her provocative body, he became obsessed with her.

I couldn't understand his joke.

I have the impression that I already know you.

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The passengers who were injured in the accident were taken to the nearest hospital.

Do we have enough chairs?

When I opened the window, I saw children playing baseball.

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They need to talk.

We have a reservation for six-thirty.

3 multiplied by 5 is 15.


I'm going to be right there, OK?

He explained the literal meaning of the phrase.

Carlos was fed up with eating the low quality food provided by the prison.

Who doesn't like that?

Do you play squash?


Help me.

Pratt and I were both at the meeting.

On Saturday evenings everybody in the family had a bath one after another in an old tin bath in front of the fire.


We're going to get there before them.

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Oh no! Our patient is dead.


"Don't be like that." "Like what?"

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Camels have either one or two humps.

This beam won't hold the weight of the second story.

No one saw anything.


Where did you go with that guy?

I suggest that you visit some villages in the mountains.

He is getting old.


Where can I buy a surfboard?

Where's the bartender?

Jesper doesn't like the house that he lives in.

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I wish I had a pony.

We're better off without Lea.

We're ready for that.


How do all the children catch frogs?

You didn't quit your job, did you?

That's how I feel.

What's your favorite place to go when you want to think?

Are you really as young as you say you are?

Jackson's health had never been really good.

When will you leave?

I'm homeless.

Ravindranath is basking in the sun.

He deliberately ignored me when I passed him in the street.

That helps out a lot.

He couldn't resist.

Mix the flour with two eggs.

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There's nothing better than a few bottles of good red wine drunk with good friends.

By good fortune, they escaped.

I suppose you love Pia.


I want to know who they are.

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Pull your hand out.

Don't scare the children.

They were after them.

Sunil asked Lori to the prom.

He chopped the carrot.

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He tried not to look at her.

We accused her of having stolen the bike.

Does Think want to sleep on the couch?

Every parting gives a foretaste of death, every reunion a hint of the resurrection.

I'll clean it up.


I owe somebody something.

There was no need to worry.

That's our train.

I came back to Kyiv when first snow had already fallen.

Why did you join the Army?

Milner narrowly escapes with his life.

Wilmer seems reluctant to help.

I'm never gonna intentionally get drunk.

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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Do you think Win can help you?


Would you like to come see a movie with us?

Rayan is a bit shy.

It was stupid. We never should've done it.

You don't have the time.

I didn't know Jerald was rich.

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I really don't think so.

Bring me a glass of water, please.

I'm not ashamed of my behavior, even though I know I should be.

I wouldn't mind stopping for a while now.

I can't talk to her right now.