She seldom, if ever, goes to bed before eleven.

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It's hard to surprise him.

What did you mean in that email you just sent?

I can't hear a word.


Why would Spencer think that?


Do you know his status in the company?


Please remember that.

Terrence is an honor roll student.

He thrust the door open and marched in.

Jane went to the bank to take out some money.

Van wasn't home alone.

They've fooled you.

We want to tell you something.

Keep the cat off the couch.

This is everyone's problem.

Pierre learnt how to kill vampires.

Christie is smarter than any other student in our class.


The supervisor bought a really powerful machine.

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She's seeing someone else.

I still think Perry is a sexist.

He is good at riding a horse.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Siping is always extremely careful.

I'm the one who was wounded in the foot.

First God, then food.

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Caroline will regret that sooner or later.

Why would that make any difference?

She wanted him to stay longer.

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Moreover, what's on the bottom of the memo isn't dirt but a ... b-blood seal!?


It's everything we could've hoped for.

Have you eaten anything unusual recently?

I don't remember what happened anymore.

I consulted her.

Dozens of letters are awaiting you.

The divorce rate is expected to rise.

A small company employs 50 people.


I'm supposed to meet them.

Don't ever think that.

Vern probably didn't do the work himself.


He is arriving shortly.

Do you seriously believe that?

I went out for a moment.

I'm still looking for them.

Now that you are grown-up, it is up to you to decide what to do.

I will be there right now.

I heard that Keith was sick all last week, but she looks well now.


She is a second year student.

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Marilyn has decided not to go to college.

I want to buy a decent guitar.

Several relatives have recommended this residential hotel.


They say I'm retarded.

Do you think you're likeable?

Australia is abundant in minerals.

Win ran out of money and had to cut his trip short.

Most schools were designed not to transform society, but to reproduce it.


Shari bought a camera at a store not too far from here.


Whose idea was it to fire us?

Robbin is an active boy.

He married her in secret.

I have a nodding acquaintance with him.

I don't hate school.

Sophia Loren's real name is Sofia Scicolone.

That's where I injured my ankle.


It will not make much difference whether you go today or tomorrow.

You are a child of the same cosmos that created Plato, Buddha and Confucius.

I can't tell anyone.

I heard Kazuhiro cracking his knuckles.

The peace talks have been suspended for a while.

"What are the children doing in the garden?" "They are playing dinosaur in your flower bed."

Do you know this thing?

What did you mean in that email you just sent?

Willie is twice as tall as Craig is.

Please wash the dishes.

I'm a citizen of the world.

I don't want Mickey to lose his job.

I can't stay here anymore.

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A child is spoiled by too much attention.

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She can speak not only English but also French.

My mother didn't mention it.

Harv isn't going to lose.

Tell him where you are.

I was excited to tears.

Whose glass is this?

This is the most beautiful season.


I'm always going to be looking for ways to use technology to automate or improve production, to make projects replicable by others.

Both sisters were there.

Tran is making himself a sandwich.

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Children like drinking fruit juice.

There's really nothing to worry about.

Does Arthur know why he's coming here?

He wants to participate in the contest.

I am aware, and aware that I am aware, and aware that I am aware that I am aware ...

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You ought to stop smoking.

Why doesn't the U.S. switch to the metric system?

He asked me who that man was.

Devon probably got tired of waiting for Graeme and left.

I'm not tired.

Above the moon, everything is eternal; below, there is nothing save mortality.

You don't need to do that now.

It's like this.

It was truly an abomination.

Little Wang is on maternity leave. She won't be back to work for six months.

Arthur couldn't get the door open.


She won't come today.

His face was enlightened by happiness.

Mt. Fuji could be seen in the distance.

I have no idea why he quit his job suddenly.

No ship could arrive in Cuba.


I know you like coffee.

The glow of the light was intense.

In respect to your question, I have nothing to say.

Floria ate by himself even though he had hoped to eat with Hughes.

"Learn from your mistakes" and "Experience is the best teacher" they say, but in the long run even the best teacher gets mad, if he or she has too much to teach in too little time.

There were many cute dalmatians in the pet shop.

This table's surface is smooth.

A little more to the right, just like so!

It's a special blend.


I'm going to go get her now.


Is this too high?

You can't read anymore?

It's one of the safest cities in the world.

There's nothing this thing can't eat.

How much does the kilo of onions cost?

I'm afraid all my efforts to help her will be to no purpose.

When the heater in the barn fails, you get milk-flavoured ice cubes.

She has a dog and six cats.

World War I broke out in 1914.

I will not help you.

In April of 1968, Rev. King was in Memphis, Tennessee.

Grab the shovels, boys.

Let's break for lunch.

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Go help your brother!

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I had not waited long before he arrived.

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Did you kill Jeffery?

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Let's try write a song together.

When was your last bowel movement?

I haven't been told anything.


I'm on my way to see them.

I've seen it myself.

Seventeen men on the dead man's chest, yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

Chip's children are downstairs.

What else are you going to get rid of?


The tickets I bought are non-refundable.


It's about time I was going.

Can you tell the difference between an American and a Canadian?

Claude made a stupid decision.

No leaned forward and kissed her.

Too much knowledge makes the head bald.

No one is more dangerous than a fool with a large vocabulary.

Reiner will quit.

Improvement suggestions are welcomed.

Does Hon live here with you?


I recognized one.


I tell it like it is.

What can you say in English?

You can go if you want to.

Swimming makes your legs strong.

I have some questions I'd like to ask you.

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A stranger spoke to me.


Wendy seems to always be busy.

She gave her son a big hug.

Yukichi Fukuzawa introduced Western ideas into Japan.