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Without saying a word, Malloy and John left the cinema and went home.

He is an American to the backbone.

Wasn't she your girlfriend?

Are we safe here?

His information is certain.

Spudboy is a little worried.

Let's move over to that table.


I am sorry to trouble you.


You won't give that to Nigel, will you?

He worships him.

That job is impossible for me to do.

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Tim is a yes-man.


We meet every Monday night.


To speak a foreign language well takes time.

You can make it.

Do you remember what happened to you?


Now that my brother is a university student, he has to do a lot of reading.

They are filibustering to prevent the bill from passing.

My family's well. And how about all of yours?

I could answer all the questions.

Do you really want to have children?

If you refuse, Kimmo will be furious.

He's interested in Mayan prophecies.

This driver is too small and isn't very useful.

I intended to start at once.

What color is it?

Give it a couple of weeks.

The island is very easy to reach.

Dominick used her fork to play with the food on her plate.

I can't be sure of anything anymore.

She wants to become a citizen.

Stephe and Joachim sat at opposite ends of the couch.

She is going to take the bus.

Harvey is going to buy a new car next weekend.

What can we do for Shawn?

He expected great success in the project from me.

You can't go there.


Carl didn't want to keep Hiroyuki waiting.


I hope to find a job of my own choosing.

Kathy is in the copilot seat.

Would you mind helping Rahul with his homework?

I've made stew.

Uranus tilts over so far on its axis that it rotates on its side. Because of this, its poles are sometimes pointed almost directly at the Sun.

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She often said that he was the love of her life.

Let's not waste any more time.

Mother has a coffee shop.

Leo moved out of his apartment.

Japan is subject to earthquakes.


He made the most of his opportunities.

I have a website.

All we can do now is wait and see what Jesper does.

He took off at full speed without saying where he was going.

The plan was a success.

When did you last talk to them?

He is a figment as much as a figure.

He was jealous.

I'd be careful with that if I were you.

If I knew his address, I would write to him.

Izchak and Hume were my friends.

Bill seems out of sorts.

I don't have time to translate this text.


The car overtook me.


Sandip didn't ask me to do anything.

Since when do you have a problem with the death penalty?

Me and Tal's recent discussion prompted me to ask you. I expect cats to taste better than dogs. Agree?

She screamed in agony.

You can't buy happiness.


I suppose I could use the company.

Murthy was unhappy because she wouldn't ask him anything.

This flower has a very nice fragrance, and a beautiful color, as well.


I want to go straight.

Shouldn't we leave?

Kathleen has been detained by the police.

The bathroom is at the end of the hall.

This news makes me sad!


Thierry has information that Tiefenthal needs.

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I noticed that a small gray animal was looking toward us.

I am more than grateful to you for your help.

Thor is not always here.

I caught three fish today.

Probably it will snow tomorrow.

And then I heard that they eat blue cheese on thin ginger cookies in Sweden. Can that be right?

This is for a good purpose.

Let me deal with him.

Let's stop this now.


I should've listened to my mother.

Where would you go if you could time travel?

The well has long since dried up.

They will set sail for Bombay next Monday.

I think I liked you better the way you were before.

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I hope the weather will be good.

He will come to the church without fail.

I'm dying to move to a bigger house.

I think Thierry might like that.

Why is the baby crying?

Toft wanted to express his love to Alexis physically.

I need to find out when we need to be there.

That doesn't surprise me much.

There's a lot of chit-chat.

If you don't want to become a doctor, how about a medic?

I'm in the middle of something. Could you come back later?

Listen to yourself.

My mom told me the same thing.

The concentration of ascorbic acid in the tablet is very low.

Srinivas's speech was excellent.

I just guessed.

It's kind of creepy in here, isn't it?

He wishes to erase bad memories.

I was very encouraged.


The professor ordered some new books from New York.

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He thought about growing a beard, but gave up the idea of growing one.

I've explained that to her.

Write your name in full.


Guillermo has dark hair.

That's powdered medicine.

Tell Griff in person.

There was a silence.

No one knew what was about to happen.

I think you're telling lies.

She is happy.


How do I know you're telling me the truth?

What a wonderful sight!

The bridge will be completed by the end of this year.

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I don't go on blind dates.


It was very imprudent, very rash of you to speak about her the way you did last night.

The bomb was set to go off in thirty minutes.

Betty murdered him.

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Early rain and early guests seldom stay the night.

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When will the MCA take place?

The sound of a gunshot echoed across the canyon.

I couldn't kill him.

The girl said she was going shopping with her mother, ignoring what she was told.

You've earned this, Rahul.


The president left Washington in early September.

You mustn't tell anyone.

The children were insistent about our taking them to the movies.

I hope you are in a safe place.

Lou has finally told the truth.

What we need now is something hot to drink.

I'd certainly like to go and watch the match; it's just that I'm not sure if I have time.

Can you put the dishes in the cabinet?

She loves me. But I do not love her.

I just talked to Sofia three hours ago.

Compared to a computer, a word processor has a single purpose.

What about you?

I respect your views.

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His back was covered by a blue cape.

I want to know Rodney's every move.

I'll contact you when we're finished.

Can you drive a manual transmission?

She's daring, that girl!


You left the door open.


Did you think about your wife when you were in the army?


Don't push it too far!

It began to rain, so he did not have to water the lawn.

You must think I'm really strange.

That happened to me twice.

"What's the catch?" "There's no catch. I swear."

The Minister had to face a barrage of questions from the press.

I'll fix you up for the night.

You disobeyed a direct order and must pay the consequences.

He was fired on the grounds that he was lazy.


Equatorial Guinea is called "Guinea Ecuatorial" in Spanish.

I cannot afford long vacations.

Vic explained how the accident happened.

I thought it would be boorish to challenge his identity without warning.

The colours are vivid.