Caution is the eldest daughter of wisdom.


I was brought up under rigid discipline.

He was not conscious of my presence here.

Both of Kit's parents died when he was very young.

I sometimes wish we were still married.

Shouldn't we help Jon?

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I saw you kiss him. Do not deny it!


I looked outside through the window.

I look out on the brilliant heaven, and see a milky way of powdery splendour wandering through it, and clusters and knots of stars and planets shining serenely in the blue frosty spaces; and the armed apparition of Orion, his spear pointing away into immeasurable space, gleaming overhead; and the familiar constellation of the Plough dipping down into the west; and I think when I go in again that there is one Christmas the less between me and my grave.

I make my own rules.


He lives in luxury.

Steam is coming out of the engine.

We hope she will take heart soon.

I'd like my coffee weak.

Do you believe horoscopes?

Just a second, please, here is my wife, I'll introduce her to you. Jarmila, this is Mr. Reindle from the American Embassy.

Wake Brender now.


Norm went out of his way to help me when I needed help.

My grandfather was a justice of the peace.

I have a wife.

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Jackson fell from his horse.


He waited ten minutes.

I listened to the boring lecture for what seemed an interminable fifty minutes.

I am hoping to put an end to our unhappy relationship.

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They made scoubidou bracelets.

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Pam's really bad. I can barely feel his pulse.


He is always kind to animals.


We didn't wait for Frank.

The weekly appears on Thursday.

I'm a school teacher.

Murray thinks Patrick is lying.

That seems natural.


The next instant Hercules caught hold of the monster.

Why do you want to sell it?

After being on the stove for five minutes, steam started coming out the spout of the tea pot.

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We were right.

What haven't you done?

Why did you fire them?

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Where did you scare them?

I want to be fluent in French.

I want you to pay attention.

I feel that I've wasted your time.

The zoo in our city is large and new.

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Well, I have a suggestion to make.

At funerals we don't tell jokes, and we don't laugh!

Morton has caused enough trouble already.


I no longer need it.


You're the victim of a hoax.

How's your position when you fell in the swamp? We were all shocked.

To be honest with you, Vadim is an unfaithful husband.


We need to collect more data.

I heard about them.

How soon can you leave?

Welsh, Cornish and Breton are all closely related.

Let's put off the meeting until next Friday.

It was a publicity stunt.

We know something happened there.

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A sudden illness prevented him from going there.

I didn't understand that.

Siegurd lives in a small town where nobody locks their doors.

What's worrying you?

Security in this building is state of the art.


There was little furniture in the room.

Ramiro admitted that he had stolen the Alex's necklace.

Do you speak Marathi?

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I don't know anything about how to play golf.

It's complicated, you know.

Susanne and I planted some trees on the south side of the house.

Sean told me not to drive so fast.

Samir ought to stop smoking.


I've been pretty fortunate.


Phiroze fainted.

Clifford isn't as heavy as I am.

These things constitute a balanced meal.

I hope you're going to support us.

He hitched the caravan to his car.

Isaac is not happy.

Let's just sit here for a while and listen.


Whoever told you that is a liar.

We've had no complaints.

"Gee, it sure is boring around here." "Link!" "I'm back." "Where did you go?!" "He must've gone to the island of Delphino, Your Majesty." "...My boy, you're in HUGE trouble."

They assisted him in performing the operation.

The news added to his anxiety.

I saw her take it.

I'm still not sure I should be doing this.

I can barely control myself.

Do it this way.

It's not the Esperanto speakers that are more addicted to languages, it's the other way round...

I love him all the more for his faults.

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I hate to see you so miserable.


In many places in China, there were temples of the dragon-king.


Seeing me, the dog wagged its tail.


I just love that.

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I didn't expect to see you here.


She borrowed my scissors.

Come on, hurry up!

The period of exploration and colonization of the Solar System lasted five thousand years, like the Mediterranean Sea of olden days.

I'll ride with you.

I promise not to tell Omar.

That hamburger really was delicious.

Large-scale surface currents are already known to exist, and major currents below the ocean surface, too, are being found.

"Let him be jealous if he pleases!" "So what?"

I don't believe that for a minute.


I've made many mistakes in my life.


I was being made a fool of.


Mt. Asama is not as high as Mt. Fuji.

Farmers store vegetables for the winter.

Please stand aside.

The band played a march.

The police could not control the mob.


How much do you know about them?

I think we shouldn't get involved.

Dan mugged an old lady near the train station.

It never rains but it pours.

Jeannette feels the same.

Her story cannot be a lie.

He is a good listener but a poor speaker.

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Jingbai likes to hear himself talk.

What's the minimum salary in New Zealand?

Yes, I'm afraid so.


Darrell smelled something.


No one voted for you.

We were in the third row from the front.

I'm making lasagna.

Let's get rid of all this stuff.

According to informed sources, ____ Ltd. is preparing for the move up to the first section of the Tokyo Stock exchange.


When did you get to Kyoto?

That didn't go very well, did it?

I don't believe that there is any evil person in this world.

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This day is Sunday.


I forgot to put film in the camera.

Everyone hates know-it-alls.

He consumed all his income on drinking.


I tried to pretend that I didn't care.

Is Cynthia intrigued?

I thought I had the right to be here.

Is there life before death?

He's the most handsome man I've ever met.

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This is the first time I've ever been pregnant.

Your idea is ridiculous.

Well, have you decided yet?

We took it for granted that he would join us.

Man is a creature of habit.

I should remember that.

The man, in short, is not to be trusted.


There's nothing nefarious going on here.


What'll you give us?

The table fits here perfectly.

I'm not sure you'll have the time to do that.

We have nothing else to eat.

What caused it?

Raanan was one of the best.

I had nothing to say to her.


There are many ways to improve one's life.