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Next year, this gravel road will be paved.


She spoke to the section manager.

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I never want to talk to you again.

It was hard for Murthy to say no.

It's time to face the music.

Cathryn is a gymnast.

Do you have fish at this zoo?


If you were really interested in what I'm saying you wouldn't be staring out of the window.

You shouldn't have gone to visit Blake alone.

I can't believe that you aren't at least willing to consider the possibility that there's another explanation.


Terrence has bruises on his right arm.


I want to make sure nothing's broken.

I think Valerie did a fine job.

That's good for a first try.

She has the ability to speak and write French.

Jiri works for Ron's father.

Even if he does something bad, he'll never admit it.

When I got back, I found my car missing.

Can you stop by tomorrow?

I'm often in trouble.

The minister worked hard on behalf of the poor.

It's too risky to fight them at a place they choose.


You should put those sentences in Tatoeba.

Their living room is as large again as my house.

Did I break it?

The miners did not want to fight.

I think that the train will be here soon.

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Domestic mail was delivered four times a day.


She'll go to Ireland.


I was listening.

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This summer the transfer market will be more exciting than ever.

Before winter I'll have the windows painted, as the paint on them is slowly peeling off, especially outside.

Listen to what I have to say.

Your hair looks so nice.

Nothing will distract us.


I would never lie to them.


You're completely crazy.

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My daughters are coloring all over the walls.

I've had enough of your crap.

Is Jussi still working here?


He was amazed at the news.

I'd like a cup of coffee, too, please.

The patient's life was in danger.

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Miltos couldn't decide what CD to listen to.

Kate is as charming as her sister.

I have hundreds of such examples in my computer.

You know that feeling?

The kids made a beeline for the TV.


No person by that name is listed in the register of the school.

I just bought an extremely expensive cabin boat.

It was charming to see how these girls danced. They had no spectators but the apple-pickers on the ladders.


She had a fit of coughing.

Can I see your passport, please?

The sun has set.

Rayan lived there all by himself.

He found the door locked.

Remember that I love you.

Some women are very dangerous.


We're supposed to stay under the radar.

You look good today.

Help him.

He makes life miserable for everyone around him.

I could give it a try.

I found his house with ease.

Eli stormed out of the office.

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She is resting now.

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I am pronouncing Chinese words.

The TV picture was blurred.

Studying languages is my biggest fascination and hobby.

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Tatoeba now contains five hundred fifty-five Klingon sentences.

Terri might be in the park with his friends.

I love animals especially cats.

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I've read Zola's body of work, he's my favorite writer.


Delbert probably should be fired.


It was an emergency.


What are you really up to?


Strangers close by are better than family far away.

Keep her quiet.

Jayesh couldn't resist peeking through the keyhole.


I've been waiting in the wings.

Don't let her frighten you.

We all missed her.

Did you understand Jean?

Our friend finished the race in second place.


There must be some way to solve this.

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The boy bent back to look up at his father's face.


It's astonishingly beautiful.

The Web is part of the new economy that older people don't understand.

He has an interesting job, where he has to work a lot.

The priest pronounced them man and wife.

How I wished I could drive a car!

I suppose it could have been Isidore who ate my ham sandwich.

You are so pretentious!

I think this machine is in need of repair.

Shall I tell you what I think?

Of course. Now that you say that, certainly Ms Tanaka wasn't shot even once in the mock battles.

You don't need to repeat it a thousand times.


I can't really help you at all.


Do you want me to leave a light on for you?

Hunter gave Shutoku plenty of money.

Please don't make me laugh. I did too many sit-ups yesterday and my stomach muscles hurt.

Revised looks the same as before.

He is seriously competing with her in the polling score.

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Your son is quite grown up now.

It is up to you whether we can succeed or not.

I'm sure everything's fine.

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You're leaving? Go then, because I don't give a shit.

Let's go to loot the supermarket!

I learn Nahuatl at my school. I'm Mexican.

Laurence is running around with the wrong crowd.

He got orders to join his battalion.

What is the easiest way to learn English?

Find out if Teruyuki has any relatives living in Boston.



We'll visit you sometime.

Don't study!

We have to buy soap to wash the dishes.

David was standing in front of the grill wearing a cook's apron.

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We intend to take away their power to make war.


Are you teaching Spanish?

Don't dig a hole for others, let them dig it themselves.

Will you send for a doctor?

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I'm glad you weren't hurt.

Show, don't tell.

It would take at least three hours to do that.

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I like green peppers very much.

Del's been on stress leave for three months.

My father died when the cherry trees were in full bloom.

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Anderson offered to help.

I don't need your help, but you need mine.

I think it's absolutely fine.


Jimmy said he was going to call the police.


We have to acknowledge that.


Amanda is very dear to me.

I'm glad your book was received kindly by the press.

A dog is a man's best friend.

I am so sick.

I'm sorry, this is a private party.

We'll see what the judge has to say about that.

Are you really going to wear that?

Dannie has no idea what I intend to do.

Sherman took a picture of the flowers.

I asked Marshall where he had bought his car.

We need to replace the whole unit.


Leonard meant everything to me.

I just wanted to thank everyone.

I can't wait to see you again.

She sat gazing out of the window.

Siping often feels drowsy after eating lunch.


Must I attend the party tonight?

Now, what do you want to see?

She sweeps the room with a broom.

I drank too much coffee today.

We just gave up too soon.