Let's start here.

I was very busy today.

Betty could sing better.

You're the first person to mention that.


Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat.

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Michel is in the lead at the moment.


Pravin behaved like a gentleman.

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Don't go in there. Heather is taking a shower.

The learned are apt to despise the ignorant.

She's always satisfied with herself.

You've taken a big risk.

I hate to wait.

Shaw glanced backward over his shoulder and waved goodbye.

Sanjay stared silently at Stanley for several moments.

I wish I had a reason not to stay.

Some people seem to agree with you.


Daniel doesn't talk much.

I think you've been watching too much TV.

He's charming, funny and intelligent.


Don't live like you want to, live how you can.

Barbara injured himself playing rugby.

Lex turned on his flashlight and entered the cave.

Why don't you want to go to Neal's?

Harvey wouldn't do that to me.

Do you know what Jennie was doing there?

I see the star.

Did Sangho seem upset about anything?

Sam is out in the yard, raking leaves.

They were both wise and incorruptible men.

This is exactly the book that I want to read.

You did a good job today.

Eli says he's feeling a lot better today.

Pretty good. Did you go to today's history seminar?

How long has Thuan been missing?

I'm already in love with Juha.

They love Hokkaido.

Clark was wearing a red and white dress.

This is a really cushy job. Mostly I just sit around drinking tea.

Can't you find anything better to do?

Add more cold water a teaspoon at a time if the mixture is too dry.


Raindrops are hitting the glass.

Cato preferred to be a good man rather than seem like it.

Allan said that he feels good.

In their language you can write the way you want and don't need to use any commas either.

I want to talk to your supervising officer.

They are building a long bridge across the channel.

I have just been to the Midori Bank.


You could've told me about this earlier.


Either day would be all right with me.

Would you mind if I speak to Peter alone for a sec?

This doghouse was built by Mac.

That was a figure of speech.

Owen wrote something on the dirty window.

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The girls knocked my books out of my hands and laughed at me.


Keep away from the unlicensed taxis.


Camille is frustrated with Alan's distracted attitude.


Try hard to hold it tight!

I think this will do nicely.

Even if it was somebody else who made her happy, as long as she is happy, that's fine.


Starbuck is not my friend anymore.

There were some students in the classroom.

I hope I can drive your car without any troubles.

The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.

He doesn't only teach English; he also writes novels.

Why didn't you tell me you were allergic to peanuts?

If you want me to go, I will.

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Are you two hungry?

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We will start tomorrow, weather permitting.

Seth is Samuel's step-sister.

He lived in a town near by.

Where will Granville end up?

I think you should check under the bed.

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I'm Val's wife.

You did what you could to help.

She asked me if I was all right.


And here's the reason.

I don't want to hear about it anymore.

I'm afraid something is wrong with him.


I didn't think you'd want to see me again.

I took Milner's advice.

Tell me that's a joke.

Why are you working today?

I thought Deborah turned that job down.


All my best thoughts were stolen by the ancients.

My favorite word in German is the word for "glove".

What do I gotta do to find a job that will suit me?


If only there were no wars in the world.

There was a cool wind.

Are these Helge's gloves?

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She kept a tight rein on the purse strings.


The minute I have something to drink, I turn bright red.

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This is the fourth year of King John's reign.

Then she found several stacks of thousand-dollar bills under a bush and put them in her basket.

They looked on him as an authority.

They already know.

I am here concerning the car.

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It was nice of her to help.


"Do you mind my borrowing your microscope?" "No, not at all."

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That movie was really boring.


I met a man from Boston this afternoon.

I wish we weren't always so busy.

Every word in this dictionary is important.

No one questioned anything.

Bender often utters the phrase "Kill all humans", even if he always silently adds "except one" referring to Fry.

The snow that had piled up on the roof at night came down with a thud.

Whoo! I'm feeling that sake. I'm getting blurred vision and it's hard to walk.


For years he is at the market every Tuesday morning with his fish stall.

Ian doesn't wear as much makeup as Alice does.

Five prisoners were recaptured, but three others are still at large.

You must bring home to her the importance of the matter.

Try to carry out what you have planned.

Jenine was right outside waiting for us.

Cows burp a lot.

I seem to have overdone it.

I'm surprised by the similarities between French and Italian in some cases.

Marvin and Shamim talked about the trip.

I have a full-time job.

Claudio never saw Kiki after that.

You have the wrong idea about me.

I suspected nothing.

I'm still part of this family.


Even if you go away, I'll still passionately love you.


I don't care what the headmistress said. I have no desire to become acquainted with anyone. You all dislike me and I couldn't care less.


He went to Italy in order to study music.

Charlene looked Himawan in the eye.

The new tablet costs an arm and a leg.


Wolf took his seat.

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You're holding me too tight, Kent.

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Only a few people came to the meeting yesterday.

Phillip is a really successful musician.

That would be too easy.

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It is twenty years since they got married.

Our weekend plans were held in abeyance until we could get a weather forecast.

There was a class reunion after 30 years.

Here's where you can shower.

How long were Stephen and Bernard here?


In Japan, are nurses high on the social scale?

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How do you know I'm not from here?

I am going to summer school from August 10.

Val double-checked his bank balance before writing the check.


The boys worked hard.

Do you need a ride, babe?

Old books are for writers, new ones for readers.

I bought an eight-acre farm for my retirement.

You're imagining things, Will.

It always happens the same way.

You hate getting up early in the morning, don't you?

In public life, let all citizens be equal.

Maybe Dave won't be at today's meeting.

You're pretty cool.

Blow out the candles.

His lecture ended with his witty joke.

Why not let me worry about that?

Do you want to go to the zoo this afternoon?

Around half of the audience were female.

We can't afford to lose you.

Betsy ate all the bread that I bought yesterday.

Barton didn't tell anyone where he'd hid the diamonds.

I want you to convince Kemal to help us.

Leanne is at the same age as me.

I lost my dinner.