Sharon got really sick.

Where did you crush them?

Sometimes I wonder whether or not I'm just crazy.

My friends and I often go to the bar.

Dorothy asked Bart if she wanted to go to a movie.

She's easily influenced.

What happened to all of our furniture?

She ruined it.

Do you have a Facebook account?

Even the hard-hearted can be moved to tears.


Do you prefer red or white wine?

This book is not only more instructive but more interesting than that book.

I'll get on to her right away.


I'm taking tomorrow off.

Larry and I seldom eat together.


War affects us all.

At Papa South, you can eat delicious homestyle food.


How can you doubt his word?


There are 6 trees, one every 7 meters around the lake. What is the circumference of the lake in meters?


I tried to make the best of it.

I can't even see the other ship in this fog.

The diamond in this ring is polished.

That was him.

Now be a good boy or I'm going to send you to Oberon.

In terms of salary, that job is fantastic.

Ric couldn't read until he was thirteen.


Steroids sound like an easier solution.


I like the way Turkeer makes me feel.

He presented himself at the meeting.

He's easy to impress.

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Rand is staying with his mother.


I'm dying of hunger.

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He is teaching Arabic.


Theodore wasn't hurt in the attack.

My friend likes to live in the city, but his wife prefers to live in their little cottage in the country.

At the beginning, I couldn't understand it.

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Do you like baseball?

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During his captivity he made a promise to the pirates that he would eventually kill them. The pirates thought that this was only a joke. After he was ransomed, Caesar pursued and captured the pirates and ordered their crucifixion.

The Spanish word for "and" is variable.

Are you a religious person?

Be careful not to slip.

All of a sudden, I saw a rabbit running across the field.

With whom did you speak?

And is it true that your Japanese girlfriend is called Tatoeba?

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She advised us that it would rain all day.

She really takes after her mother.

The wedding cake didn't taste very good.

They say he's gone for good.

I'm playing with my computer.

Kaj was just asking who you are.

Quitting smoking is difficult.

They forgot to wake me up.

Reid opened the diary.

I'm going to wait in the car.

Jarmo told me that today.


I was wondering if you were going to show up today.

I don't know how to say how sorry I really am.

If you ask me, I don't agree with that.

I want that information as soon as possible.

My shoes are too old. I need some new ones.

Patricia, get out of this body!

He never talked about it.

Freedom of speech was restricted in this country.

He's a good-looking man.

It's so nice to meet you.

We did it in school.


Are you ambitious?

I'll wait at the door.

The one who does not work, does not eat!

He almost erupted in anger.

I want you to commit seppuku.


Do you need more money?

My brother married his friend's sister last year.

Bradford is a bad father.

I have little time to read.

Is everybody on board?

Are you sure you're up to seeing Tad?

I hope that I can do that.

Does Lorien know what they're called?

You might want to read this while we're waiting.

Stop making a fool of yourself.

Don't come near the bulldog in case it bites.

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My cat purrs with pleasure when I pet it.

I may have seen that girl somewhere.

They haven't unpacked their trunks yet.

I'm not going to change my mind.

May I see your collection of old books?

I wish I knew how to do that.

I'm on a tight schedule.

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Whatever happens, you must keep calm.

Earle suffers from chronic pain.

I couldn't have been happier.


That isn't necessary, is it?

That's why I like Sergeant.

Why were you with her?


I want the same jacket as you are wearing.

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Marian was killed in the crash.

That's just an old wives' tale.

My sister took the children to the zoo.

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That's what Caleb would say?

Life begins when we realize who we really are.

Owls are supposed to be very wise.

I have a lot of discharge.

He was in tears.

Martin wants me to see everything.

You shouldn't go looking for trouble.

Angus says that he'll wait.

Tobacco smoke causes cancer.

Last winter, it snowed a lot.

Twitter is not good enough.

Can I do exercises?

You're one savvy negotiator.

The children were busy preparing their lessons.

Look what you've done.

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The sky was filled with stars.

The rain will revive this tree.

Clare looked up.

Alf will call you later.

Tait says he's concerned about Juliet's health.

Hal is preparing for his own death.

He was seen to enter the room.


Let's get them to bed.


Have you washed your hands yet?


I don't want another one.

More time is needed for the preparations.

I found it while I was cleaning up.

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I can't be seen wearing the same dress as Henry.


You're my new assistant.

We still have so much work to do.

Syed drank three cocktails.

I'm against people driving big cars.

We thought it wise not to continue our trip.

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Tell me a little bit about yourself.

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Did they have a backup plan?


It's not like you to complain.

The children thought that their parents were made of money.

Why he got angry is quite clear.

How do you think I can convince her to spend more time with me?

Last night was unusually cold.


She decorated her notebook with gum wrappers so the cover was all shiny.

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Let's write in turns.

I have no interest in fashion.

Are they in the gym?

This statement is not a sentence.

You son of a bitch!

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I don't negotiate.

Our children are the same age, same gender and same height. They are twins.

It's probably safer in the basement.

Drew promised me that he'd come.

I'm offering you a choice.


I've written several songs in French.


Well, aren't you glad to see me?


There's a coffee shop in front of the station.

Kyle is blinded by his anger.

Who designed these uniforms?


Where is Laurie from?

I never meant you any harm.

He pulled up the weeds and threw them away.

I put her suitcase on the table.

He tends to be idle.