I like this apple, the green one.

He feels that his life has gone to the dogs because he doesn't have any money.


I think I'm the person who should do that.

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You made her blush.


They haven't learned anything.

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I can't get her out of my mind.

Toby is on his way home.

And why do you ask?

He described exactly what happened.

That's what Hein will be doing.

America is proud of being a free country.

You'll have to talk to them.


If cheese is good, but the cake is a lie, what is a cheesecake? A good lie.

I fell asleep around midnight.

This wasn't my mistake.

Many people in Africa were killed as a result of the storm.

His accomplishments should be written in large letters.

It's too early to really tell.

Most Europeans cannot tell a Japanese from a Chinese.

I'd be grateful if you could take a look when you've got time sometime.

Hein was standing at the end of the line.

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How is the weather there?

She passes the time moaning.

Are you two related?

Travis knows something is wrong.

Everyone's been talking about it.

Kimmo had only planned to stay in Boston for just a day or two.

He is proficient in literature.


Tea was introduced from China.

I have to sweep my room.

Vickie and I go a long way back.

I can help him.

Alessia can't speak English.

I couldn't tell you who that was.

His work finished, he went to bed.

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Who received it?

I don't believe in them.

Do you want me to turn off the lights?

My friend lives outside the city.

I was locked out of my house.

The new teacher was a disappointment to the class.

I'm completely naked.

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She was on the border of killing herself.

It seems classes began yesterday.

Just as if the card gathering had turned into a ghost story telling party, a kind of dark mood had settled over those present and everyone was silent.

I'll be there by 2:30.

The price is going up.

Barbara has just spotted David.

Louiqa loves them.

Rod didn't shoot anyone.

At times I have breakfast in a restaurant.

Girls are so mean.

We need to tell Nicolas what to do.


She began dressing conservatively.

She began to despair of success.

In 48 hours, everything will be over!


When will you live in Sanda next year?

You'd like to help, wouldn't you?

Glen wants to throw it across the room.

I love trying to do new things.

If you haven't the energy to do the washing up, get a dishwasher.

He tried to hide what was really going on.

Carole and Ahmed must be worried.


Do I need to go now?

You're horrible.

This dictionary has a preface, not a foreword.

Elisabeth was touchy.

Matthias sat at the kitchen table.

They found Rachel in great pain.

He has no scruples about lying.

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Michael needs to get fit over the summer.

We can get more.

Was it true?

Would you mind if I drive?

I never read this book without being reminded of my old days.

According to the TV, it will rain tomorrow.

Am I ever going to see you again?

If I am what I have and if I lose what I have who then am I?

I'm actually very busy.

Every time I join a new game of Warcraft, I am pitted against a new team of adversaries.

You're completely wrong.


If it'll help, I'll go talk to Justin.

A ghost is looking at me.

Read this right away.

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You won't get anywhere by talking with a disturbed individual like that.

Why don't you go and join her?

Ramanan has a safety deposit box.

Where did you buy that shirt?

Eat your soup, John!


Just then the door opened a little way, and a creature with a long beak put its head out for a moment and said: "No admittance till the week after next!" and shut the door again with a bang.

We shouldn't let the problem rest here.

Toby stopped arguing.

Now tell me about yourself.

The inscription carved into the rock is from the sixth century before the Common Era.

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You owe me money.

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Why would we want you to leave?


Does that ever happen to you?


Why don't I go?

Did you want this window closed?

Saad's house has been completely destroyed.

How long has it been since you heard from him?

Elvis obviously hates me.

Women seem to go for Mechael.

Dan appreciated your letter of condolence.

Give my love to your parents.

Lin locked himself in his room.

The strong wind died away at night.

Sharon's priorities are different.

I'm not satisfied with what you've done.



History reminds us that walls can be torn down, but doing so is never easy.

You're really weird.

Jacobson got angry with the high school students.

His shadow on the wall looked sad.

This restaurant provides good meals.

I can stay out of your way.

French has many more vowels than Japanese.

Corporations aren't people.

We'll see what happens.

I don't have to tell you what's at stake.

My assistant will handle that.


That doesn't scare me in the slightest.

Oh, buddy, what I need is a strong stimulus, in the most hedonistic meaning of the word.

It upsets me to have to listen to the same thing over and over (and over) again.

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Hemlines are going down.

Write to Stephen.

I'm sure Varda will wish he hadn't done that.


Isn't he going to Peru tomorrow?

I think this is a good rule.

Do you get penguins in the Arctic?

Is it cancer?

I had my purse stolen somewhere on my way home.

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Her baby can walk.

Andrew barged through the front door.

You may as well keep your promise.


The work will come easy with a little practice.

What do you think it is?

Just don't surrender.


I saw the girl.


If you can read this, you're too close.

Fritz doesn't have a clue, does he?

She hopes for tranquillity.

Life is full of ambiguity.

You're the only person I know who is from Boston.

You're destined for something else.

I lost my umbrella somewhere in the park so I need to buy a new one.

I don't drink, but I'm drunk because of you.

Is it true that Susanne doesn't know any French?

You built it, didn't you?

Roxane is very charming.

I would appreciate it if you didn't come any closer.

Shamim did much better on this week's test.

Jane is more attractive than Susan.

There are no stars tonight.


I knew I would win.


She is afraid of dogs.

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Dan came to Linda's birthday party.


He's just a politician.


Sedat talked to Edmond.

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There are a lot of Chinese tourists around here.

Think wasn't as busy as Rahul told me he would be.

My beloved girl is far away from me.

I'm sorry, I don't have smaller change.

Hartmann isn't sure where Nathan has gone.

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The king imposed heavy taxes on the people.