Woody pulled out his sword and raised it.

Teri barged into Dawson's office with a gun in his hand.

Was he really that bad?


The two mountains are of equal height.

I think that's the safest way to do it.

Debi doesn't seem to want to answer this question.

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That's very uncool.

He works a lot from morning till night.

You could at least try to be a bit more polite, even though it's not like you.


Do you know how to tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile?

There's a meeting going on in the next room.

Twenty years is a long time.

I learned my lesson.

He is really a Hercules.


We are people.


He gave me an apple.

Consider what effects, that might conceivably have practical bearings, we conceive the object of our conception to have. Then, our conception of these effects is the whole of our conception of the object.

If it's necessary to do so, I'll pay back my loan now.

Close the door please.

The guests are all gone.


You need patience, Stanley.

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You broke the washing machine.


I can't tell you how to pronounce the word.

I just read a really good book.

That's not uncommon.

Really, you are so mean.

The little girl screamed at the top of her lungs.

Tracey shouldn't expect everyone to like the same kind of music that he does.

Do you want to work with us?

I thought I had already paid these bills.

In addition, our experiments are consistent with our theoretical results.

The weather is so hot.

Tanya doesn't need to go there himself.


He makes good use of his abilities.

Patricio thanked Eric for the bottle of wine she gave him.

The math professor wrote the proof on the chalkboard.


Has anybody spoken with Izchak?


I have something good to tell you.

The beach was crowded.

The hospital had a grand opening last month.

I didn't come with him.

He came home fairly late last night.

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I don't think you have the guts.

I don't really know her.

Be happy and smile!

There is one solution.

The union has a dominant influence on the conservative party.

I've told them all to come.

Answer the question.

What does UN stand for?

Jinny is the best dancer in the group and he knows it.

Shouldn't you be doing your homework?

I wish I could've seen you.

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He is superior in mathematics and English to everyone else from these.

Leon is interested in French literature.

The plane was late due to bad weather.

"Did you hear the news?" "No, I know nothing about it."

I'm sick of eating fast food.


Yesterday I ran across him at the station.

Mahesh's grandmother looks healthy.

You should get to know him.

Have you spoken with her?

I need it to be my decision.

It may have been The who did this.

I think that this image is relevant to our discussion from yesterday.

We learnt nothing at school.

I shouldn't have made you that sandwich.

At last, they experienced the joy of victory.

Only to err is to live, and knowledge is death.

Have you called him?

Do you want bread?


I'm sorry, I didn't know what else to do.

Rodent said he wouldn't want to live in Boston.

He smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish.

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That probably isn't necessary.

Should we be talking about this here?

I doubt whether he will win both races.

5. When the reaction is over, place the test-tube on a damp cloth.

What does Juliet think of your music?


That isn't likely to happen in my lifetime.

I don't feel like studying French today.

Do you use Tatoeba when you translate?

Is this jasmine tea?

Petr was laid off of his job just before Christmas.

She is often mistaken for her sister.

She's upset right now.


We mustn't be late.


She could not understand the whole story.

I thought it might be important to talk to Monica.

Are these the glasses you were looking for?

Hope you'll have a wonderful birthday.

Those present were all against the plan.

Would you like me to take you home?

Can you copy this for me?

I want to keep doing this for as long as possible.

We suffered a lot of damage.


Does this interest you?

What was your response when he invited you?

Tracy is now married.

Am I still your boyfriend?

Besides fruit, we're going to have ice cream.

What am I supposed to have done?

He was a brave warrior who had spent most of his life fighting his enemies.

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We need paid family and sick leave.

I assure you I'm in perfect health.

He craned his neck to see the procession.

When Mike returned to Jane's house, she was sleeping.

I won't forget this.

How will this affect you?

I saw Bradford kill Ro.

What's the total amount of the bill?

They announced that they were getting a divorce.

They're going to have a party next week.

I wanted to hear from Gretchen.

Mohammad is demented.

I enjoy being with her.

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It will be fine.

You're a hypocrite.

Nikolai didn't feel like explaining why he wouldn't attend the meeting.

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I hope we'll see you again.

Can we talk for a sec?

If it's a simple piece of music, I can sight-sing it.

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The bureaucrats are militants of paperwork.

I'm thrilled.

Assemble all of the leaders of my army.

What is the weather like today?

He came back, and it rained soon.

I thought he would come soon.

What did you try to do?

Am I my brother's keeper?

The prisoner who escaped is still at large.

There is no doubt that enhancing user experience is the last thing webmasters think about when they add social bookmarking widgets to their sites.

She came to like the new teacher.

Dan had been missing for two years and was presumed dead.

I looked all over for him.

Open your texts to page 50.

Please hold this ladder steady.

He is all curiosity.

Many people use cash machines to withdraw money.

That's our fault.

Jerry was sitting cross-legged on the floor.

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How beautiful this carillon is!

We must see the movie again to do it justice.

It would be better if you went by train.

That's my song!

The recession caused many businesses to close.

Are you ready for the trip?

We'll meet you outside.

Are you aware that Son doesn't like you?

There was fear in her eyes.

Jeans can cause infertility for men.

If you were forced to sign it, the contract is invalid.


The house was burned to ashes.

Now I know what I should do.

Himawan didn't have to do it alone.

Let's give Travis some room.

I got much benefit from that book.

That's a problem you have to handle by yourself.

The monks are meditating.

His dad calls him Clay.

The first thing to do was call for the doctor.


I think Chris likes you.

Be careful with that.

Why did Lui leave Boston?


Jacob is probably looking for me right now.


We would like to distribute your product in Japan.

Elaine of Corbenic, fell in love with Lancelot and tricked him into believing that she was Guinevere, so that he would sleep with her.

Warren is a smart girl.


Lucifer did nothing but lie in bed all day.