No one ever saw such a thing.

Almost everyone I know knows how to swim.


I'm supposed to go to Boston on Monday.

His family is doing fine.

The boy took the radio apart.


I need to wash my hands.

Pieter told Tanya that he would get revenge for his father's death.

Don't kiss me.

Dan's story defied common sense.

I don't even want to think about something similar happening to you.

What else did Marnix want?

I don't want to stay home.

You've still got all your life in front of you.

He is hunchbacked.

Rogue doesn't agree with me.

I'll be ready by Monday.


Should we continue?

You're just another notch in my bedpost.

Thank you for coming to see me.

Guido always eats fruit for breakfast.

The work was not ending.

I got a nasty sting from a wasp.

Seenu will respond.

He allowed his friend to be beaten.

It's going to have to wait.

What an insane world we live in.

Does he go to school early?

He built himself a house.

We elected him our leader.

Mosur, if you're not too busy, could you come to my office for a minute?

Many of the changes that happen are undetectable to the eye.

Really? How old are you?

How many litres of oil are there in the barrel?

We don't need Stephan telling us what to do.

I can't live without Sjouke.

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I am on duty now.

I like to eat hot soup.

The plague came from the swamp.

Brent handed the picture to Edwin.

There was a cat on the table.

He is popular with everybody.

We had bacon and eggs.

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Donovan wondered what would happen if he pressed the blue button.

That wasn't Toby's choice.

I found the rare edition that I've been looking so long for.

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I'll get you a gun.


Honzo has always looked after his cars fastidiously.

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I am doubtful whether he will come.


Skateboarding is a lot of fun.

I have complete faith in my doctor.

I've been seeing someone.

Why wouldn't they want to do that?

Karl was complaining.


Tomorrow, I am going to my home town.


You don't have to worry about me.

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I want to go to see a movie.

Donovan walked off with Heather's umbrella.

Some take their role as in loco parentis a little too far.


He cannot be an artist.


You're not that important.


It is time to help women.

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Cory found Vincent fascinating.

Debbie received the award posthumously.

I think I have the best job in the world.


Show us where you found Suyog.

This song makes me homesick.

Prakash holds a high position in an oil company.

Ssi was shot with a poisoned arrow.

Don't punish the boy severely; go easy on him.

You're the only one who can get Billie to do what needs to be done.

It all happened kind of fast.

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Where did Monica point?

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The dog next door is dangerous.

She rarely sings, but I think she will tonight.

I want you to refurbish the house.

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I solved the mystery.

People who are not in a hurry stand on the right side of the escalator.

Who's with her now?


I can't sleep on this lumpy mattress.

I told Tahsin that wasn't true.

We all know that it's better to keep early hours.

He has his trousers pressed every day.

You won't stand a chance.

Tollefsen walks with a slight limp.

Mikael kicked Hsuan under the table.

I got mine; fuck you.

Where are your keys?


Worrying will send you grey, but it won't achieve anything.

Are you free this evening?

I can't find it anywhere.

Page rarely goes out nowadays.

The red house is the one that Jack built.

How can you protect something so perfect without evil?

I'm committed to this.

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We are grateful to you for your help.

I have two sisters and both are married.

We can talk here. No problem.

I enjoy the time we spend together.

The unexpected always happens.

Four is an unlucky number in Japan.

If she asked you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?

If it is not true it is very well invented.

I think this is a bad idea.


I'm free tonight.


What's that disgusting smell?

I used to talk to Vinod a lot.

We could hear the groans of the injured man.

Ariel thought he would help out.

Wilmer had no desire to argue with Spudboy.

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I'm trying not to think about that.

I made a few calls.

When is my brother's birthday?


I love the way you kiss.

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This story is founded on fact.

If not confidently, at least hopefully.

This cloth wears well.

He gave away all his money.

We had some words this morning.

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So what do you think?


In this case, translation is, in effect, impossible.


Evelyn's phone is ringing.

Did you get their letter?

Do you hear the beep?


I am very sad that he has died.

Please accept our condolences on the death of your father.

Bill is skillful in arguing and debating.


Practically mad with fear, I rushed out of the cabin.


Rodent did that.

Please tell Stephen I'll pick him up at the station.

My family are all well.

Michael is a man's name, but Michelle is a woman's name.

I regret to tell you the truth.

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You might want to leave that.

Put the seat back.

Sigurd will look like an idiot.

Let's pray.

The heart must be in harmony and calm; only then does it find joy.

I'm happy to wait.

The word of God is the creation we behold and it is in this word, which no human invention can counterfeit or alter, that God speaketh universally to man.

Add it to my bill.

It's not so bad!

Some scholars ascribe the settlement of America to social unrest in Western Europe.

Are you going to be in Boston this weekend?

The whale is a very large mammal which lives in the sea.

What exactly is the problem?


Douglas couldn't wait to get back home.

Wendy rolled his window back up.

It looks like rain.

Why were you with her?

Donnie didn't have shoes on.


My business has at last gotten on the right track.

It'll take a long time for me to finish this.

All of our blood goes through our kidneys about sixty times a day.

You're just like a little puppy.

Harris liked the cute penguin picture in Steen's user profile.

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The news is of great importance.

That rule holds good in this particular case.

Dick is flying in tomorrow from Australia.

Tovah is getting better day by day.

Dan didn't even try to hide that feeling.

Her father was an architect and an avid reader.

Each of these students has his or her own opinion.