Fine Line: Nimble, cost effective, and results-driven.

    • 20% faster than legacy sourcing advisors
    • 30% less expensive than our larger competitors
    • 100% satisfaction assured.

    Building technology partnerships.

    • How do we accelerate our go-to-market time?
    • How do I sustain a good deal for 5-years?
    • How do we find a technology partner with whom we can innovate?
    • Is our technology strategy relevant?
    • How do we improve customer experience?
    • What are our competitors doing?
    • How do we lower our cost of delivery?
    • Are we secure, compliant, and diversified?

    Digital Labor is displacing Labor Arbitrage

    Out-tasking is displacing Outsourcing

    • Marginal labor rate = $0
    • Error/Defect rate = 0

    Pace of Change has accelerated: Adapt. Innovate. Achieve.

    Sourcing Advisory at the speed of Innovation

    Fine Line Sourcing Advisory