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  • Capture Leads and Send To Your CRM

    Don't just chat with your customers, capture their lead information so your sales team can close them!

  • Accept Payment Over Chat

    Instantly search for your products and send a payment form over chat to close the sale! Less clicks means more sales!

  • Increase Conversion Rate Up To 45%

    Give your agents the ability to sell better. Our patent pending process allows agents to give customers what they want, when they want! Get more sales!


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Live Chat




Live Chat

Let your visitors "probe" your sales people for the right answers. Chat Gravity created a real-time platform that allows visitors and agents to interact like never before. Our mission is to increase your conversion rate astronomically!


Chat Gravity is customizable in many ways. Our modular design allows you to change the color scheme of the chat box on your website, and integrate with your shopping cart to process leads and sales! The future of chat is here!


Easily integrate Chat Gravity into your current website. Then let Chat Gravity pull all your information, leads, and sales together with our integration suite. Lead and sales forms are integrated into your chat window so you can centralize all your data!


Your customers can submit lead information and order information with Chat Gravity. We keep all transactions secured, and every chat locked down with 256-bit SSL protocol. Safety is our top concern!

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